Individual Tickets to Out of the Loop Fringe Fest Are Now On Sale

lord of the rings560.jpg
Photo by Lisa Hebden
We predict that One Man Lord of the Rings will be precious.

One Man Lord of the Rings, miming class, sketch comedy and so many plays that you'll have to bring an airplane pillow for your tush, Out of the Loop Fringe Fest promises to pack beaucoups of non-traditional theater into its ten-day run from March 1 through the 11th. I know what you're thinking: "Well, hell, I'm just going to get a full-event pass and skip in and out as I like."

Great! Do it.

If you're pressed for time and can only cherry-pick your favorite attractions, tickets are now on sale for individual performances. The were released at noon, so you'll have first dibs on some spectacular theater.

Don't feel daunted by all of the choices -- you're going to do great. But if you want a little more background on some Loop events, here are a few write-ups.

Midway, starring Diana Sheehan

International Falls starring Thomas Ward

Lord of the Rings Trilogy starring Charles Ross

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