Oscar Sunday is Coming. Here's Your Definitive List Of Winners.

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Hollywood's brightest stars will twinkle this Sunday for the 84th annual Academy Awards, to pay their respects to the best films of 2011 ... at least the "best films" to a bunch of old white guys according to a recent and 'shocking' study by the Los Angeles Times. But regardless of the Academy's stuffy bias towards crusty films (Albert Nobbs? Other than a sweeping chance at winning "Movie Title That Makes You Giggle Immaturely Everytime You Say It" how'd that make it in there?) and the subsequent snub-a-thon that always follows (Drive?! Shame?!) they did manage to nominate some pretty damn deserving films, filmmakers and performances. Here's who I think will (not necessarily should, a very important distinction) take home a little gold man come Sunday evening.

Best Picture
Who will win: The Artist
Who should win: The Artist

This is as fierce a competition as I can remember in recent award-season years, and the fan favorite front runner has been about as much of a consistent thing week to week as this year's GOP race (side note: I'd vote for that horse from War Horse for president before I voted for any of those asses) but I find myself in agreement with my Oscar predicting peers who have favored Michel Hazanavicius' The Artist as of late. Both the film and the making behind it are a self-reflexive underdog story if ever there was one ... hell, it made seeing a foreign, silent, black-and-white film cool! Merely one out of that trifecta traditionally sends general moviegoers running for the megaplex! Simply put, it's just a lovely movie that aims to prove, when the lights come up and the credits roll, it's still all about storytelling. And frankly, I don't think many if any would have a problem if it won. Just imagine the acceptance speech! Totally silent ...

Best Director
Who will win: Martin Scorsese for Hugo
Who should win: Martin Scorsese for Hugo

With all the recent love The Artist has gotten, people may be forgetting that there was another movie about movies that received more nominations than any other film this year: Academy darling Martin Scorsese's Hugo. I think it's very possible that a film about a little gold man could bring Marty his own second little gold man, and for what he did with 3-D to show how it truly can further filmmaking, storytelling and the experience of watching a movie, he undoubtedly deserves it.

Actor In A Leading Role
Who will win: Jean Dujardin for The Artist
Who should win: Brad Pitt for Moneyball

Again, if The Artist wins any awards, I'd put my money(ball) on Best Picture and Best Actor. And honestly, considering what Dujardin did with his emotion-filled, dialogue-free performance he should take it home. But, after revisiting Moneyball recently, I also think Pitt deserves MVP of the game for knocking out of the park the angst-filled, punk-rock manager of a baseball team challenging the establishment. The brilliance in that performance lies in its subtleties and eccentricities, those of which only Pitt could have done in such a way that was just cool, man.

Actress In A Leading Role
Who will win: Viola Davis for The Help
Who should win: Viola Davis for The Help

To be completely honest, my opinion in this category isn't completely informed having only seen two of the nominated performances. But I do know Miss Davis is highly deserving of the award she'll likely receive for her role in The Help, as a maid no longer willing to accept the unequal treatment she and her friends receive in their 1960s-era Southern small town. Not to mention, it's exactly the type of performance and film the Academy loves to award ... maybe even to offset that "old white guy" reputation.

Actor/Actress In A Supporting Role
Who will win: Jonah Hill for Moneyball or Melissa McCarthy for Bridesmaids
Who should win: Not those two. Give it to one of the two old dudes (Chris Plummer and Max von Syow) who are long overdue and Jessica Chastain, not only for being an amazing actress and deserving it, but for starring in seven films last year.

These two categories are so off-base from who should have been nominated that I could care less about who actually wins. Don't get me wrong, I love Jonah Hill and Moneyball as well as Bridesmaids and Melissa McCarthy, but in no way do I think the actors or films are deserving of these awards, let alone the nominations they got for them. However, I do think they are such odd choices that this could quickly go from simply getting a nod by the Academy as a disingenuous motion to show they can appreciate comedic actors to receiving a win from the Academy as a disingenuous motion to show they can appreciate comedic actors. Or maybe not ... I continue to be simultaneously perplexed, angered and disinterested by this category this year.

I'd love to discuss the more interesting (see also: more film nerdy) categories -- Best Screenplays (Moneyball and Margin Call!), Best Editing (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo!), Best Cinematography (Tough call! Could be War Horse, The Artist, or Tree of Life!), Best Score (Whichever one John Williams did!), Etc.! -- but there's so much and so little time before Sunday, February 26, when we find out if these predictions will come true at the 84th Annual Academy Awards. I know I'll be watching ... will you?

Agree? Disagree? Have predictions of your own? Want to discuss the potential hilarity or awfulness of host Billy Crystal? That's what that box below that you type words into is for!

If you do want to outshine your friends and officemates in the unsung heroes categories, see our picks here. To better enjoy the Academy Awards play our Oscars Drinking Game here!

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