Famed Cocaine Smuggler, George Jung, Gets a Slight Break From The Texas Slammer. Thanks to His Nose.


While it's undoubtedly gotten "Boston George" Jung in plenty trouble over the years, it was the famous cocaine smuggler's schnoz that recently bought him a short medical leave from La Tuna prison in Anthony, Texas.

With less than two years left on his current 15-year sentence, the man who inspired the seedy cult hit Blow noticed that something just wasn't right with his powder-sniffer. Cancer was suspected. Jung believed it was of the dermal variety due to all of that time he spent scheming in Mexico.

He was removed from the West Texas facility, shackles intact, and placed in a medical unit where doctors operated on the suspicious growth. While it's been reported that the procedure was deemed successful, there is no word on the final classification of the abnormal mole.

It was Jung's logistical finagling that made the Medellin Cartel a smuggling superpower in the California/Mexico illicit-drug gold rush of the 1970s. He became such a notorious figure in the supply and demand chain that he at one point acquired a $100 million dollar fortune and later inspired Johnny Depp to portray him in the 2001 biopic film Blow. "Boston George" is back in the slammer where he will stay until his scheduled release date, Thanksgiving 2014.

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Welcome Home George, I just wish my son, Chris was alive to see it. We were one of your biggest fans. My son passed on 12/28/13. My daughter even had a cross made with the poem "May the wind always be at your back.." Oh how we loved that poem. Many hugs and prays for the future George. I'm ordering the new book now!! Stay safe and God bless!!! xxooooo Justine Redmam, originally from Miami, in the ood ole days...


Seeing this was a very inspiring role in which u playing a part in so many PPLE life THRW it all Mr Jung u was a very successful. Man an anyone says different must be LESS.DEN DA RAT'S THAT'S SET U UP THRW IT ALL UP OR DWN WRONG OR RIGHT DA SACRIFICES WERE ALL FOR GUD REASONS MAN DA STORY TELLS ALL I LUV DIS MOVIE AN IT WILL NEVER GT OLD I JUST KNO (DNT HAVE DA WRONG DREAM)


To be set up by a life long friend is worst than walking in. On your brother with your wife all of them should be taken out and shot not saying what you did was rite but at the end it was for the rite reason hope you make it to your release date and would love to meet you in person.

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