CADD Mystery Destination Tour: No Murder, Just Intrigue

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No creepy butlers or creaking mansions. Just a fabulous night on the town.
The Contemporary Art Dealers of Dallas invites you to "Eat Your Art Out" on January 28 during its Mystery Destination Dinner. As the name would suggest, you will receive a surreptitious phone call on January 26, directing you to the yet-untold event location. You'll have a cocktail - maybe an Aviation? something with Chartreuse? we don't know, it's a mystery - and dinner before heading to the McKinney Avenue Contemporary for dessert, mingling and entertainment.

Mystery, yes! Murder? Unlikely.
Tickets are $100 each, and note the cryptic, but seemingly important, clause regarding purchasing pairs versus individual tickets. We've surmised that there may be a few mystery destinations in the mix - anywhere from a collector's home to an artists' studio - so purchase together in order to dine together. You don't want to end up at Wadsworth's table.

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