If Wikipedia Gets the Day Off, So Do We

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Juuust kidding. But, since we are all suffering a 24 hour dearth of truthiness -- and in case you would like to know how SOPA/PIPA could affect 31337 blog hounds and conscientious citizens like yourself - find resources you might need during the blackout, after the jump.

In black and white for the wonks:
PIPA full text
SOPA full text

Hell, even Congress won't read those. Here are some run-downs, responses and a few of the better guides we've found in the futile attempt to amalgamate neutral, non-spun information. As always, use discretion and don't let the intertubes think for you. Please supplement our list with additional links, or your own two cents, in the comments section below.

And, a well-made video by an anti-SOPA/PIPA geek. Thanks, geek.

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