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Two hundred bucks is nothing to laugh at -- that's equivalent to your electric and phone bill, or your rent if you live a very sad, unfunny life in the shadows of a relative's basement with only a hot plate for snuggling. (Note: when snuggling appliances I've found it helps to let them fully cool before embracing. I'm still haunted by the crimping iron fiasco of '87.)

Here's the scoop: Qlive! a DFW non-profit that gets people off of their seats and up on stage, started weekly stand-up comedy nights last month in Dallas. Three weeks out of the month, the winning comic gets 100 bucks. Still good cash. But on that fourth and most glorious week the winner gets 200 dollars. And tomorrow, that person could be you.

Task at hand: become an amazing stand-up comic by tomorrow night and win 200 dollars. Yep, that's a challenge. It's also the stuff of quirky teen films, several episodes of the Brady Bunch and most of the Saved by the Bells, and in those the protagonist always wins -- or learns a very valuable, but not financially viable life lesson. Either way, you'll come out on top.

The stand-up throw-down happens at Randy's Club Cherries and the max set length is 5 minutes. If you want to compete, you'll have to apply the day of at this Facebook page between 3 and 8 p.m., then do some meditation, get composed and show up by 9 (unless told otherwise). For a brief rundown on details, check out the QLive! Facebook page here.

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just sayin'
just sayin'

That would actually be fun if it wasnt being held at a gay bar with a very creepy name. Might as well call the place Namblar.


I represent the, Occupy Your Mom's Basement, movement! We represent the 99% of losers who never got laid in high school...."our voice shall be heard. well, if mom says it's okay, that is"


Why do dogs make good house pets, but chickens don't? Have you ever had a chicken try to lick peanut butter off your nut-sac! Not fun:(


I asked my mom if I could go. She said they'd all just laugh at me. 

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