We're So Hot Right Now: Dallas Ranked No. 1 in "Best Dressed Individuals"

A photo taken of Dallas last week
Hang on, let me brush the Sun Chip crumbs off my Led Zeppelin Zoso shirt ...

OK, so, we're really fancy. Dallas is debonair, well-dressed and completely brimming with gorgeous ass implants. According to a survey recently done by LivingSocial, Dallas ranks number-freaking-one in "Best Dressed Individuals."

That's not all. The kind folks at LivingSocial sent along some pin-pointed, interesting results:

· Ranked #19 in terms of vanity, making Dallas one of the least vain cities

· Ranked #4 in amount of facelifts

· Ranked #19 in amount of bald men

· Ranked # 14 in amount of butt implants

Aside from the rather shocking amount of new butts out there, Dallas seems, according to this opinion-based Vanity Survey, to be not really as vain as other cities. Congrats to us all, and our brand-spanking-new asses.

After the jump, you'll find the full fact sheet courtesy of LivingSocial.

Vanity Survey Fact Sheet_Dallas

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Well a goodly portion of them seem to be at that after-hours titty bar where:- the "dancers" wear fur gaiters - pudgy girls flaunt their folds- requisite mexican dudes REALLY fired up to be around the white girls- Black dude in non-prescription glasses- Some dipshit playing records- I think they require shitty tattoos

Jon Daniel
Jon Daniel

How can you look at the slide shows here and not laugh at this ---------> 

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