The People of Artopia and More From a Nutcrackingly Good Night

Danny Fulgencio
Check out more in the slide show: The People of Artopia
First let me say: it was a pleasure cracking nuts with you at the Dallas Contemporary.

Lots and lots going on last night to talk about--from the installation pieces (curated by Brian Gibb of the Public Trust) to the fashion show--but the night certainly kept-on with the bright rock-pop of the Burning Hotels. From there, we crowned our MasterMinds winners--an absolutely moving speech from dancer Katie Toohil, by the way-- watched Mr. Bonetangles perform skeleton dance numbers, and spun to the DJs of Lights All Night.

Our roaming photographers Danny Fulgencio and Roderick Pullum have brought back a whole heck-load of great photos that we're still combing through, and we'll have a special treat from the DJ Spin Off for you tomorrow on DC9 at Night, but in the meantime head to our slide show section for more coverage from the night. Much more to come!

Artopia 2011 - 270.jpg
Danny Fulgencio
Inside the Vintage Mobile at Artopia: more in the slide show

Danny Fulgencio
Jennifer Rubell's "Nutcrackers" had quite a well of peanuts

Roderick Pullum
The Burning Hotels

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Aren't those pecans? 

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