The 10 Must-See Photos from The Busy (Rainy) Weekend in Dallas

Stephen Masker
Stretching out before the White Rock Marathon
You may have noticed: there was a lot of happenings in Dallas this weekend.

The White Rock Marathon pushed on in the midst of a rainy, cold Sunday morning. Which, many of us here at the Observer missed as we nursed our splendid Artopia hangovers. Before that, our photographer Stephen Masker brought back some damn cheery photos from the Children's Medical Center Parade (serious question: why are there so many Star Wars costumes? Oh wait, they're awesome; so who cares). And let's not forget, oh please don't forget, the Official Twilight Convention at the Westin.

So, yeah, we had our intrepid, soaked photographers out this weekend, and below find our favorite slices from the weekend. Now, get some hot toddy's.

Stephen Masker
A storm trooper wanders into Saturday Morning's Children's Medical Center Parade

Stephen Masker
Oh, and there was a Tusken Raider too

Mike Brooks
A fan from How The Edge Who Stole Christmas got pretty rowdy in the pit

Rachel Parker
Gil Birmingham, who plays Billy Black in Twilight, from the Twilight Convention

Danny Fulgencio
Check out more in the slide show: The People of Artopia

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Jason Howard
Jason Howard

I only like the last one, it looks special. The others looks common.

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