Picture Show: The Winners of the 2011 MasterMinds Awards

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All photos by Sara Kerens
The MasterMinds winners: Frank Lopez, La Reunion (Sarah Jane Semrad), and Katie Toohil
It's on the stands and on-the-webs now: the finalists of our second annual art awards (the MasterMinds).

That's right, we've named 'em, and it's all a big ol' countdown to our fancy pants Artopia party on Saturday at the Dallas Contemporary. If you're not going to that, shame on you. Shame. Anyway, in Brentney Hamilton's cover story on the MasterMinds--they are Frank Lopez, La Reunion, and Katie Toohil--she breaks down why these candidates are moving and shaking things up in the art scene in Dallas. Read the whole sucker right here.

Meanwhile, check out the excellent photo trappings of one Sara Kerens--whose masterful camera captured the MasterMinds in their native habitats.

View them in the wild below!

All photos by Sara Kerens
Frank Lopez: collodion photographer and educator. View more in the slide show.

Frank Lopez

Katie Toohil: Dancer, performance artist and freelance go-getter. View more in the slideshow.

Katie Toohil

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