Laura Wilson and Dallas Architecture Forum Commemorate Burgeoning Arts District

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Laura Wilson Photography
Laura Wilson: Photographer, Author and Star-Raiser
So, the Wilson Brothers, of Bottlerocket fame, have a fantastically talented Wilson Mother whose photography of Dallas architecture is on exhibition at the One Arts Plaza office building lobby through Wednesday.. Update 3:38 p.m.: It has been extended "through January 12, 2012" as the just-in press release indicates.

Photographer and author, Laura Wilson's resume is stacked deep with high-brow publications - think The New Yorker and Vanity Fair - that have featured her photography, and she was commissioned recently by the Dallas Architecture Forum to capture twelve of DFW's most culturally significant buildings. As the Arts District nears completion, DFW is already home to iconic buildings by Pulitzer Prize winning architects, and Architecture for the Arts captures a changing city with a renewed eye to cultural development. While it is free to view Wilson's work, an 11 x 14 inch commemorative folio has been produced and is available for purchase for $44.

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Rangledangle VonKickerbocker
Rangledangle VonKickerbocker

"Fantastically talented"? Puh-lease. She just got what notoriety she has by hanging around Avedon during the 80s.

Jerome Weeks
Jerome Weeks

Sorry to be picky: The Arts District actually isn't complete. The City Performance Hall isn't done..

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