Fox Business: The Muppets are Brainwashing You

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Screenshot of the day.
FOX Network's Follow The Money has discovered the origin of Occupy Wall street protests: the liberal brainwashing of Hollywood's films. In this important discussion with Follow the Money host Eric Bolling and Media Research Center guest Dan Gainor on the viral ideas commie leaders like Kermit The Frog and Gonzo are planting in our minds, Captain Planet, Cars 2, Syriana, The Day After Tomorrow and There Will Be Blood are all mentioned as liberal brainwashing Hollywood entities.

The full video is after the jump (we just had to post the above screenshot), but here are some very fascinating quotes from the video:

  • "What's actually going on here, is Liberal Hollywood using class warfare to brainwash our kids?"..."Yeah absolutely."

  • "Is there any Occupy Wall Street Muppets?"

  • "I just wish liberals could leave little kids alone."

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Well, its not like anyone with a single brain cell watches Faux News dot tk

Ed D.
Ed D.

They've never forgiven the Muppets for that time they took Manhattan.


but its okay for families (including children) to jokingly take santa pics with machine guns? I'm not liberal nor conservative... I don't consider myself to be any such classifications, I have my ideas on issues but I won't base my ideas on whether or not I am liberal or conservative. They vary on my personal view of morals/ethics. Also, most of my ideas sprout from logic... anyway, check this video out... fox news says that they "are better armed" against the peaceful OWS protestors if any war were to break out between them... I don't think I am biased but I think that joking around with guns is a lot more serious than a movie that might have some kind of message to try and get kids to become liberal.... which I don't even think is the case of the muppets movie. I agree with what Gabe said.

anyway, here is the link to the clip where Fox News thinks its funny that families can take santa pics with machine guns...

Brentney Hamilton
Brentney Hamilton

When I saw The Muppets over a week ago, I suggested that oilman 'Tex Richman' would have been more aptly named 'Bernie Laidoff,' Wall Street financier. Evil oilmen are too much of a '70s/'80s throwback, in the vein of Kermit's outdated '80s robot.


1. The Muppet Move (the first one) was about banding together to follow your dreams. You can't do it by yourself, you need the whole group. In fact everyone in the group needs the group. That's called positive interdependence, a key component of teamwork and cooperation. 

The Muppets have never been exactly Randian idealists.

2. The business in the movie isn't shown to be "evil" because he's successful, he's shown to be evil because he's trying to hurt other people for profit. It's not at all anti-corporate, any more than Psycho is anti-hotel operator.


The movie 'Psycho' is the very reason why my, mother and I, will be opening up a motel very soon. YES, Mother! I'm coming! Sorry, have to go.

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