New Culture Editor Seeking Dallas for Serious Relationship

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Dearest Dallas,

I've been watching you for quite some time. And if you don't mind me sayin', you look good.

Real good.

I like a city with an air of mystery; where every neighborhood mashes up its own definition of "culture." You've got it in spades.

It's reflected in your curvacious architecture, your come-hither nightlife and your naturally artistic verve. It's effortless to you. I know you've got your guard up -- we've all been hurt before, kicked to the curb with nothin' but a sloppy updo and a half-seasoned taco to share our
thoughts with -- but the two of us are going to mend all of that.

Together we'll be a Power Couple.

I want to get to know what makes you tick. I want to dig deep below your glossy surface and see what you look like without your make-up on. Your national-scale collection of stage and sculpture is what's made you the hottest ticket in Texas, and I cherish you for that, but I'm also curious about your more playful side. I want you to show me your hand-spun puppet shows, your inventive multimedia sketch comics and your break-dancing drag queens. I want to see Mary Kay Cadillacs bumpin' deep with hydraulics. Give me liturgical dance with flautas.

Dallas, I know our relationship is just taking shape, but I pledge to be there for you. I'm your cultural cheerleader and I'm going to shake down this community until everyone appreciates you the way I do: as a complicated and fascinating city in her prime.

Big Love,

Jamie Laughlin
(New) Culture Editor, Dallas Observer

P.S. Do you have an amazing event* that everyone should know about? Are you an eager cultural gumshoe with a passion for freelance writing? Just need to vent? I'd like to hear from you. Contact me at:

*If you're seeking event coverage, please send me your material as quickly as possible. We need at least three weeks, though more time is better, to wedge events into our print edition.

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Just re-read this little love note Jamie. And grrl, I like it. xo

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If you're talkin' about Anytown,USA culture, then, yea, we've got it in spades!


Are you sure you have the right "Dallas" in mind?

I kid. Welcome.

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