This Asteroid Is The Size of 10,394.8 Texases, or the Best Texas-Based Video of the Day

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Here's a new brilliant one from Funny or Die, where writer / Director Scott Gairdner parodies Michael Bay's Armaggedon (or any ridiculous asteroid movie)--specifically the scene where Billy Bob Thorton exclaims the asteroid about to pulverize Earth is "the size of Texas, Mr. President."

Of the many, many funny moments during this Funny or Die debate of the size of the asteroid in relative Texases, these are our personal favorites:

1. "With all due respect sir, we need to agree how many Texases this is."
2. "It's nine Georgia's and a Georgia. The State and the Country."
3. When Beau Bridges, Jeff Bridges' brother, asks if the pieces of successfully broken Asteroid will be as big as "flaccid or erect" dicks, in relative dick size.

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Ed D.
Ed D.

Poor Dutton.


Ah, the easily disproved "Theory of Dick Relativity," wherein in practice some naive girl inevitably winds up disillusioned. 

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