The 12 Most Sparkling Photos From the Twilight Cast & Music Tour

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All photos by Samantha Guzman
If you were anywhere in the vicinity of The Palladium last night, you would have thought that Elvis was in town by the extreme decibel of blood curdling screams. But oh no, the sheer Pallad-emonium was over something else undead; Twilight. The Cast & Music Tour for Twilight: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 to be exact, which Dallas was lucky enough to be one of only five cities included.

Saga stars & starlets Jackson Rathbone, Ashley Green, Nikki Reed, and Charlie Bewley along with Breaking Dawn soundtrack artist Christina Perri (she's the "Jar of Hearts" girl) were in Big D to walk the red carpet (video interviews from this coming soon), sign autographs, answer questions from fans, and just generally make dreams come true for local Twihards of all ages, races, and sexes.

Here are 12 epic photos from the night that will make your face sparkle (complete with commentary and Twi-puns a plenty)...

All photos by Samantha Guzman
Something tells me when the sun goes down, I'm in trouble.

This doctor dad wins the "Greatest Dad in the World" Award. And he can even make his own GDITW shirt to go with it! Not only did he volunteer to bring his daughters to the event, but he sported his homemade "Team Carlisle MD" shirt to match his girl's Team Jacob/Team Edward shirts. I salute you Twidad.

Jackson Rathbone (or JBone as I just decided to start calling him) did the unthinkable and jumped the barricades to go behind friendly lines to be friendly himself and sign autographs for the fans, some of which had been camping out there since early that morning just to get a glimpse of the Midland, Texas native and the rest of the cast. If any of the Twitarded Twinsanity has gone to the actor's head, he hides it well.

When you're on a red carpet interviewing JBone and the Twihard fans won't stop screaming, what do you do? Scream back. (There's video of this too, so stay tuned)

I have no idea what question I asked Charlie Bewley the Volturi to inflict this expression on the Brit's face but it sure had an effect on him. Obviously.

No, RPat (that's Robert Pattinson if you're not down with the Twilingo) was not in attendance on this night of nights but that didn't mean ladies couldn't throw on the vail, pretend they were Bella the bride for a moment, and snap a pic with him. There's an easy cardboard cutout/cardboard acting joke in here somewhere but I'll be nice and not be the one to make it.

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