Photo(s) of the Day: One Crazy Night in South Dallas

Categories: Photography

All photos by Mike Brooks
Photographer Mike Brooks was busy on Saturday night. Beginning at the magical photography hour known to us humans as "sunset," Mike found the Shut Up and Rumble skateboard demo at Overground Skate Park. From there, it was Octopus Project, and then Art Con 7 in Oak Cliff with Jason Roberts and crew.

Gloriously, Mike brings back the above and the following photos from his eclectic night out. Keep it coming, Mike.

All photos by Mike Brooks

m_Octopus Project-10.jpg
The Octopus Project

m_Octopus Project-8.jpg
Read a full review of the Octopus Project on DC9 at Night

Jason Roberts live-auctions at Art Con 7

From Art Con 7

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