Awesome Tiny Things Will Be at Esty 4th Annual Jingle Bash

Alexander Flores
More in last year's slide show.
Can't believe it's that time of year again. Damn Christmas songs are already playing, and discounts on Santa Clause dolls that awkwardly hip-shake to "Holly Jolly Christmas" propping up. There's better stuff out there, Grandpa. Much cooler stuff.
Last year, art director Alexander Flores was down at the Palladium to check out the Etsy Dallas Jingle Bash--which is where he got so many fantastic shots of kick ass pillows.

Which is also why we're letting you know that the alert just came in though for Etsy's 4th annual offering at the Palladium, where you'll totally fine really awesome teeny crafts (and more from some 60 artists from Dallas), along with, of course, booze, music, and a on-site crafting. The event's Saturday, November 19 from one p.m. to eight.

Location Info


Palladium Ballroom - CLOSED

1135 S. Lamar Road, Dallas, TX

Category: Music

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