Our Five Favorite of Afterimage Gallery's 40 Exceptional Photographs

Ron Evans - "La Bare Club" Dallas, 1986
This is quite possibly our favorite photograph of the bunch.

Afterimage Photo Gallery is celebrating its 40th anniversary with the 40 Exceptional Photographs exhibit through Tuesday, November 15. Ben Breard opened the gallery in the fall of 1971, and while Afterimage initially catered to local photographers, it quickly expanded to represent nationally known photographers.

Forty years is a long run, but you've only got ten more days to view this curated exhibition. 40 Exceptional Photographs takes a look at some of the images that have made their way through the gallery throughout the years, and while it wasn't an easy task (there are so many stunning photos to choose from) we at the Mixmaster thought it'd be fun to pick our five favorite photos from the exhibit. Click here for a full list of photos and make sure to let us know what your favorites are.

Brian Kosoff's "Tree," Lake Superior, 2007

MK Simqu Foltz's "Tube City Barbershop"

George Tice's "Petit's Mobil Station," Cherry Hill, New Jersey, 1974

Geoff Winningham's "Watching the Great Wallenda," Houston, 1974

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