This Black Leather is Spiked with Silver and Misanthropy

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Name: Keith P, 29
Occupation: Event planner and DJ
Location: Double-Wide
Influences:"Misanthropy, melancholy, melody in all forms of music both modern and classical. People who have pride in their origins and the cities they live in as well as those who put work into the cultural offerings of their city."
Style breakdown: "Ash NYC boots, Blank Jeans, I'm wearing a little leather vest by Ovate which is one of my favorite designers from Vancouver, my leather jacket's a vintage English biker jacket, the scarf is something I got from England, the pyramid stud cuff is from Leather Masters, the second one is from Dolly Python and I made the third, my friend Casey made one of the rings (Artifacts by Casey), and the other I got from some gay biker dude at Hell's Kitchen in New York. I love all the Celtic knotwork. Anything involving pure silver and dangerous spikes, I'm good with."




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3510 Commerce St., Dallas, TX

Category: Music

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