Heel, Sit, Watch! Angel Dog Sneak Peek Tonight

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Even heartless jerks like us love a face like this. Sneak peek tonight!
If you're the kind of person who thought putting sweaters on dogs was weird only until you owned your first "baby," then you can understand the power that a little furry face holds over even the most cynical human psyche. In fact, PBS's Nova reported in its September 2010 "Dogs Decoded" special new research that shows canines are able to read human facial cues and decipher their emotional meaning more accurately than any other animal, even primates. Such is the premise of the new film, Angel Dog, a PG family flick, which will hold a special sneak peek tonight at 7 p.m. at the Texas Theatre.

Winner of an Audience Award at the Hill Country Film Festival and Drama Finalist at the International Family Film Festival, this Texas-made, kid-friendly film features local actress and producer, Farah White. Angel Dog tells the story of how a lovable stray named Cooper helps pull a man from deep depression following the tragic loss of his family. We suggest a $5 donation for admittance, but please feel free to give more, as proceeds benefit Animal Rescue of Texas, a nonprofit that helps real-life lifesavers find safe and happy homes.

Be sure to like Angel Dog on Facebook and find out more about Animal Rescue of Texas at http://animalrescueoftexas.org.

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Texas Theatre

231 W. Jefferson Blvd., Dallas, TX

Category: Music

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High Heels
High Heels

Already, we can see issues of domination and submission being associated with shoes much like the lotus shoes of China. Indeed, Chinese concubines and Turkish odalisques wore high shoes, prompting scholars to speculate if heels were used not only for aesthetic reasons but also to prevent women from escaping the harem (Kunzle, 2004)

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