The Mixmaster's Horror Movie Countdown, October 9: Dead Alive

Peter Jackson's 1992 zombified gora-a-thon has been called the "goriest fright film of all time." Look, it says so right there on the poster. But that's really not much of a stretch.

Dead Alive (originally called Braindead) may have been shot in the Land of the Long White Cloud, but it is full-force blood and guts -- with a blissful amount of black comic relief. One-liners and scenes like the clothes-lining of a "hyperactive" zombie baby into submission on a playground tempers those that involve ears for dinner [urp], the incredibly uncomfortable birthing of the aforementioned baby, and the much beloved lawnmower climax. Because let's face it, people, when a Sumatran rat-monkey has altered the community -- and the meanest mother ever -- with essentially one bite, there are still laughs (and romance?) to be shared.

Considering Jackson's next effort was Heavenly Creatures, he clearly had a penchant for tales of parental issues, forbidden romance and head wounds.

Speaking of head wounds, the most memorable scene is after the jump.

Most Memorable Scene:

Ever seen anyone punched in the face? No, no -- I mean punched in the face. Have a look-see:

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Horror Movies

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