The Mixmaster's Horror Movie Countdown, October 5: Jaws

There is no body of water immune to the fear from Jaws. Any lake, any pond, any tepid street puddle is a possible place to swim and be eaten by a large, meat-hungry shark. I'd even bet there's literally no swimming human on Earth that doesn't, at some point, imagine a shark bounding up from the deep ocean to devour your legs like Lockhart's brisket because of this film.

Once written as a one-act play set in Brooklyn, Jaws is also the one of the most important films in horror movie history. OK, I'm kidding about the first part. But seriously, you should know how important this movie is because you've seen Hollywood attempt to copy it over the years. Why does Hollywood try so hard? It's not just the money. It's how effectively suspenseful the film is, which makes it one of the most terrifying. Also, that shark is goddamn HUGE.

This isn't a personal story of viewing Jaws, but a famous one that proves its place in history Museum of Cinema.

On March 26, 1975 at the Medallion Theater in Dallas, filmmaker Steven Spielberg nervously stood in the back unsure of the audiences reaction at the first screening ever for Jaws. The rest they say is history as at least one audience member ran out to throw up and then immediately got up to get back in his seat and throughout the audience screamed, laughed and reacted to all the beats of the film the way Spielberg and crew had hoped.

Most memorable scene after the leap.

Most Memorable Scene:

It's one of the greatest scenes in movie history. The tension mounting from the "false alarms"; the disappearance of that man's nice dog; the Vertigo-style zoom on Chief Brody as the shark devours the kid -- it's a symphony. This is the scene that turned the following places into stomach-churning fear centers:

1. Oceans
2. Lakes
3. Ponds
4. Creeks
5. Rivers
6. Pools
7. Natural Swimming Holes
8. Bathtubs
9. Showers
10. Rain Puddles

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Jaws scared me to death as a kid but I loved it. Taking a bath required some serious courage for awhile afterward.

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