The Ides of Farce: Rick Perry's Rejected Campaign Ideas

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Before doth protests, we are well aware that this is an arts and culture blog, therefore a post lauding so-called rejected political campaign ideas shouldn't be seen here, right? Well, in the spirit of democratic debate, YOU ARE WRONG!

How so? Allow us to rebut: These are not real.

The REAL story, by the indomitable Jim Schutze, is right here, but in the spirit of parody, comedy, and Photoshoppy, we'd like to direct your attention to our silly little "findings" from the secret files of the Rick Perry presidential campaign. Take a look after the jump.
For example, in Perry's attempt of piggy-backing on other popular internet memes, like so:

Or his attempt to find appropriate product endorsements, like this one:

​Check out our first batch of rejected ideas in our slideshow. If you have any "findings" of your own, please share them with us in the comments section -- who knows, some of your ideas might surface later in the campaign season.

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Perry, Perry, quite contrary, How does your war-chest grow?

Through budget ills, and Gardasils,

Adios, Mo-Fo's.

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