Halloween Yard Art Tricks Out Our Streets

4440 Amherst (2) 2304x3072.JPG
Elaine Liner
4440 Amherst
There are ghosties in the treezies all over town.

Halloween yard decorations are adding spookily Goth touches to lawns, especially in Highland Park, where not a few elegant mansions are under attack by giant spiders and haunted by specters dangling from tree limbs or dancing in circles by the driveway.

We took a camera to catch some of the skeewy sights. Top trend is the inflatable: pumpkins, skeletons, pirates, shiny black cats with motorized heads. These blow-up figures are more affordable than we thought, which might be why they're showing up on yards in more modest neighborhoods, too.

Look quick, though. Halloween's almost upon us and the giant turkeys and plastic balloon pilgrims are waiting in the wings. And get this, there's already a house on McCommas Avenue that has a lit-up Christmas tree in the window. Starts earlier every year.

3242 Southwestern.JPG
All photos by Elaine Liner
3242 Southwestern

5203 Ash Street 2304x3072.JPG
5203 Ash Street

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4233 Versailles

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5731 Swiss Avenue

6622 Williamson Road 2304x3072.JPG
6622 Williamson Road

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3132 Southwestern

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