Five Dallas Halloween Events to Warm You Up for October 31

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Stephen Masker
A supremely good costume from last year's Halloween Block Party
Besides having more than one plate of fried chicken skin at the State Fair of Texas, there are some good scares in Dallas for Halloween. The events range from family-friendly strolls through autumnal gardens to holy-shit-that-zombie's-gonna-eat-me scary. Luckily, we've culled those events in one happy place for you over in our calendar section.

In the meantime, here are a few picks we think you should stop by before Michael Myers decapitates you.

Danny Hurley
Zombie Walk
Saturday, October 15

They want "10,000 costumed dead people," according to a Facebook event, which, in addition to the Dallas Observer Music Awards showcase in Deep Ellum, would make quite a show. Even if they don't get 10,000 strong, the brain-eaters are ALWAYS decked out with good costumes.

Kevin Todoraa
Halloween Block Party
Saturday, October 29

Starting on Cedar Springs, the Oak Lawn Halloween Block Party is a great show of costumery and creativity. A must-see, even if your Pikachu costume is at the cleaners.

Catherine Downes
Every Weekend Until Halloween

As part of our Haunted House Crawl, writer Anna Merlan stopped into Slaughterhouse last week. Her pants promptly needed changing, and it was daytime.

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