Hey, It's The First Ever Art Of Knox Street Festival

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On Saturday, October 22, Knox Street is hosting its first ever "Art of Knox" street festival. The event is being promoted as a celebration of all the different art forms the Knox neighborhood has to offer

What art forms, you say? Well, there'll be Knox street restaurants hosting wine tastings and cooking demonstrations, and live music will be provided by '80s cover band, Live80 and all-purpose cover band, Special Edition.

There will also be a fashion show featuring pieces from local designer, Terri Ives Couture and a raffle benefiting the Friends of the Katy Trail . The festival takes place from 4 p.m. until 8 p.m. on Travis Street, between Travis Walk and Armstrong Ave., and admission is free. Check it out.

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Thanks for posting.  I live at Knox and Travis and didn't even know about this event.  Looks like fun!

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