Instagram: Joining In On the Great Photo Follow, Locally and Internationally

This summer I chose Instagram as my main source of social media. I ignored, for the most part, Facebook, Twitter, my blog and others like this one.

I call Instagram the photo version of Twitter. They call it "a fast, beautiful and fun way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures."

The idea: Shoot your photo, upload to Instagram, choose a funky filter, title it, select share channels and hit done. Double tap if you like someone else's image. Depending on who you choose to follow, inspiring images from friends and strangers roll in like a news wire.

I get a kick out of fellow photographer and wizard sound man David Wilson's Insta-stream.

matt hawthorne.jpg
It's fun to get to know awesome photographer and super cool guy Matt Hawthorne through his daily posts.

I also like what videographer and Yes Go Productions heavy Jason Whitbeck sees and am happy he shares it!

Jamie Oliver.jpg
And for something completely different I follow food revolutionist/cutie Jamie Oliver, my go-to store in Dallas V.O.D. Boutique and my favorite summer 2011 band Unknown Mortal Orchestra on instagram.

Next thing I'm going to check out is Blurb's insta-books and, because they look cute, Instagrams as Magnets.

Follow the Mixmaster on Twitter and Facebook.

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 I also  use instagram and love it! But here lately I've been using GLMPS its also a social app! It captures the five seconds before you snap your shot and allows you to share your GLMPS not only with whoever you follow but also with your Facebook friends,twitter,tumblr and you can check in with foursquare.

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