Terrence Malick and Christian Bale Grace ACL With Collective Presence

Pete Freedman
Terrence Malick tries to mind-control Ryan Bingham
On Sunday, while DC9 at Night was racking up excellent photos of the pretty, folk doll that is Ryan Bingham, Pete Freedman tweeted this:
Christian Bale is in VIP for Ryan Bingham's set. Crowd screams "We love Batman!" He acknowledges. #aclfest

Turns out, Pete accidentally photo'd filmmaker Terrence Malick, who very recently debuted Tree of Life, in the process. Notable, since Malick is notoriously long-winded when it comes to his time in-between films. What the hell were they filming out there?

That's what the film blogs are buzzing over right now. IMDB's listed an "Untitled Terrence Malick Project" set for 2012, but the cast list, as of now, doesn't list Bale. Variety, however, has reported, in an article from last year, a rom-com with Bale, Javier Bardem and Rachel McAdams was scheduled for Malick. So, there it is; guess sometime in the next decade we'll see Christian Bale swooning over Ryan Bingham's purdy face on the silver screen.

Pete Freedman
"Man, Ryan Bingham is awes--OMG ITS CHRISTIAN BALE!!!!"
Who's the mysterious actor with Bale? ONLY TIME AND A GOOGLE SEARCH WILL TELL.

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tall grass in breeze
tall grass in breeze

so Terrence Malick does indeed exist!  I guess since he decided to make films at a once a year Woody Allen pace now he won't be as camera shy. 

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