This Week In "Owling" at Thrift/Antique Stores

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Lula B string owl.jpg
Elaine Liner
string owl at Lula B's West
Planking is so two weeks ago. Now it's owling. Looky here if you haven't been paying attention to the meme of the moment.

For us, though, owling will always mean making a big-eyed bird of prey out of macramé, string art or cheap ceramic. Decorative owls were perched in lots of American homes in the hootenanny days of the 1970s. Now they've migrated to thrift and antique stores.

After the jump, check out more of this week's finds, priced from $2 to $60 and up.

Lula B Owl alien.jpg
All photos by Elaine Liner
Alien or owl? at Lula B's West

Owl figurine Garland Rd Thrift.jpg
owl figurine at Garland Road Thrift

Owl macrame kit Dolly Python.jpg
owl macrame kit at Dolly Python

Owl painting Dolly Python.jpg
owl painting at Dolly Python

Lula B yarn owl.jpg
yarn owl at Lula B's West

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Lula B's West

1010 Riverfront Blvd., Dallas, TX

Category: General

Dolly Python

1916 N. Haskell Ave., Dallas, TX

Category: General

Garland Road Thrift

10030 Garland Road, Dallas, TX

Category: General

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