Oh, This Is What Hundreds of Thousands of Bees In a House Looks Like

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KPRC Houston / Youtube
Not the bees! Not the bees!
There's a famous quote from Einstein where he says humans would have approximately four years left on Earth if the bees disappeared. Don't panic everyone, the bees were discovered in Houston last year.

Thanks to Reddit, we found this nightmarish, Candyman-esque, completely what-the-fuck video of a house in Houston where thousands of bees had invaded, took over, and made it their house. Pay attention, horror movie writers. Originally on KPRC, the notable holy-shit moments in the video include the fact that there were two years worth of honey in the house, and the hilarious cut of the Gotcha Pest control dude exclaiming "Now, that is a beehive!" in a terrifying cloud of bees.

It's a must watch it after the jump, you know, if you're not terrified of freaking bees. We mean you, Nicolas Cage.

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