67-Year-Old Satan's Angel Delivers Fiery Performance That's Hotter Than Hell (NSFW)

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All photos by Danny Fulgencio

People packed into The Kessler this past Saturday for Hotter Than Hell Burlesque, but it wasn't just the scorching temperatures that made it a night that was truly hotter than hell. After the jump, read about a performance from a 67-year-old dancer and see photos from the burlesque show.

The show featured Satan's Angel, the legendary 67-year-old burlesque performer, along with Ginger Valentine, Athena Fatale, Iva Handful, boylesque star Jett Adore and La Divina, whose production company put on the sizzling show.

Ginger Valentine lit up the stage at The Kessler.

All the woman and men who performed were spectacular, but we were particularly enthralled with Satan's Angel, who promised in an interview with Mixmaster on Friday, "I'm going to set my tits on fire."

She did just that. Satan's Angel took to the stage in a long, black gown, and after a few minutes of teasing the audience, she got out of the gown and revealed a short, sequined number that accentuated her svelte figure and ample bosoms. She glided across the stage once again, and at one point she laid across a box, lifting her leg much higher than we know we can.

Satan's Angel teased the crowd before lighting herself on fire.

Then she indicated she was thirsty and someone offstage handed her a martini glass containing a small amount of liquid, except it wasn't vodka or gin. It was time for the fiery tits. Satan's Angel lowered the top of her sparkly number to reveal a set of sequined pasties with some sort of tip attached to each. She dunked the tips of her pasties into the martini glass and lit them on fire. As she swirled her breast like Fourth of July firecrackers, the audience oooed and ahhed, wildly applauding the almost-10 minute performance. See more photos from Hotter Than Hell Burlesque in our slideshow here. If only we had those legs.

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Satan's Angel stole the show, but luckily she didn't burn down the house.

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Burlesque is not for everyone. It is unfortunate however,that is has garnered such immature comments. Perhaps from those who have never experienced it? 


We do not regard strip joints with disdain, as a matter offact there are a lot of former and current “strippers” that are top burlesqueperformers and very highly regarded.  Asa matter of fact, the Queen of Burlesque, Dita von Teese is famous for being aformer stripper.  It’s not what you do;it’s how you do it.


Steve has proven the point why men are not the targetdemographics for burlesque shows; women between the ages of 25 to 50 are.  There are men who attended burlesque shows,but they are either with a date or enjoy and appreciate the vintageentertainment. 


Btw, Steve, you might want to spell check “feminism [sic]”before you submit you comment.

Jayme Rutledge
Jayme Rutledge

She keeps those babies on with double-sided toupee tape, might I add.



I think my grandmother once lit her boobs on fire, but it was an accident, and it sure wasn't sexy.


Why is it ok, no, coool, for big'uns and fossils to do this, and for every other DO slideshow to depict fleshy whores in furry boots slut-dancing in "lounge" bars, but the general ethos in regard to your basic strip joint is one of disdain?

It it because "femenism" and the penis are mutually exclusive in the dejected narrative promulgated by the obtrusively-bushed leanings of many a blogger on this site? 

I'll take my dancing females toned and attractive, please.   Sandwich out.


First of all, in this particular instance it is cool, no, blog-worthy, because it's inclusive of a veteran burlesque performer who performed in Dallas' Carousel Club and returned for a special engagement.

Also, it would seem that much of the difference in public opinion regarding burlesque versus the modern strip clubs, is that burlesque is about the craft behind the performances coupled with the theatrics and art of tease, while the latter is perceived as being about taking everything (or almost) off in three songs or less. Hence the pyrotechnics, the pasties, the tassels, the old-school feathered costumes (in some acts), etc. in burlesque, and the fast full exposure in the club.

There were lean, toned bodies as well as voluptuous curves, younger and older, women and a man in the Hotter Than Hell show as well, so there certainly seemed to be something for everyone.

We're certainly not going to penis-shame anyone, but do leave bloggers' bushes out of it, please.

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