Today in Antique/Thrift Store Paintings That Kind of Look Like Celebrities

sad Olsen twins.jpg
Olsen twin with sad kitty, other Olsen twin with sad puppy (both Lula B's West)
Create your own wall of fame with these fine, only marginally frightening works of art currently for sale at two of our favorite Dallas thrift stores.

As of yesterday afternoon, all of these paintings were still looking for homes. Most could be had for less than $60. We found them at Curiosities in Lakewood and Lula B's in the Dallas Design District.

Surely, any resemblance to famous people is strictly coincidental. But who's really to know?

Curiosities chris elliot.jpg
Actor, comedian and author Chris Elliott (Curiosities)

Lula B newspaper face.jpg
Winona Ryder (Lula B's West)

Curiosities L Ron Hubbard.jpg
Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard (Curiosities)

Location Info



2025 Abrams Road, Dallas, TX

Category: General

Lula B's West

1010 Riverfront Blvd., Dallas, TX

Category: General

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