This Photo Of Willie Nelson's Son Looks Eerily Familiar

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Jason Ryan

Thousands of country-music-lovin' Americans came out Monday to celebrate the most patriotic of holidays at the most patriotic party this side of the Mason-Dixon Line: Willie Nelson's Fourth of July Picnic. The crowd at Billy Bob's braved the heat for some honky-tonk from Willie and his friends, but it truly was a family affair as the legendary crooner's son, Lukas Nelson, took to the stage with his band, Promise of the Real.

Local photographer Jason Ryan was at the picnic and captured this photo of the 22-year-old Nelson son. We think Lukas Nelson bears a striking resemblance to a younger Willie in this undated photo (even their outfits are similar). Wonder if Willie taught him how to pose since he's still using the same posturing in this recent photo. We must admit, Lukas Nelson isn't too hard on the eyes.

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Billy Bob's Texas

2520 Rodeo Plaza, Fort Worth, TX

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why not just google Johnny Paycheck young pics,, then decide who's son Lukas is,, then u might understand why daddy and Paycheck split durin the outlaw years,, and why Paycheck spent his last years with Lukas and daddy,, and that might tell u why,, don't be hatin on me,, alotta mirrors and smoke to be found,, I only found out Willie was my dad after Ray Wiley Hubbard's mom and dad-in law showed up at 1 a my outdoor shows July 4th, 4 yrs ago,, I'll just leave it to u to do the math why me and dad are'nt touring as planned,, when I got back w him then,, let's see,, Lukas's mom is married to my dad,, could that be why?,, google Eddie Lee son of Willie Nelson,, see what a real son looks and sounds like,, sang this way before I knew who my dad was, never changed a thing about myself after,, kinda a sad story that me and dad can't be spendin these years together,, check out Eddie Lee son of Willie Nelson site 2,, for the most recent songs written by me,, thanks,,, just ain't leavin this un-attended,, 

Iron door
Iron door

WOW !!! He is cool...

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Bill Holt
Bill Holt

Lukas is a great person..... an incredible guitar player that might make Jimmy Hendrix turn his head..... I had the the incredible opportunity of spending the day and most of the night visiting, talking and listening to him play at Lola's Salon, also in Fort Worth a few months back... a day i will never forget 


He's cool and put on a great show. I'd see that band again.


Will is the king.  He can do anything and cares about humanity.  If the world had more Willie's I think our country would be in much better shape.  thx u will

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