Local Photographer Serves as Beta Test Muse for New Instant Film

This isn't the PX 680 Beta, but it is one of Bartholow's favorite IP films.
Local marketing and design consult, Gorilla vs. Bear creative director and, in my opinion, Polaroid Pro David Bartholow was asked by the Impossible Project to field test their new color film for the 600 Polaroid Cameras.

In case you weren't aware, Polaroid stopped producing their analog instant film in February 2008. Not long after, 10 former Polaroid employees teamed together to make instant film available again; they call themselves the Impossible Project.

So, the Impossible Project sent Bartholow a few packs of their PX 680 First Flush Beta out of the blue and invited him to be part of a test. A Beta Test.

Bartholow says: " I felt a bit of a responsibility to sport some of the city's textures for the unacquainted and took these one Saturday."

I love them!

I asked Bartholow for his thoughts on the film:

"You have to look at it this way. When Polaroid shut its doors on instant film, the Impossible Project took it upon themselves to reinvent a 60 year-old technology that had been perfected by a single company, which at that point was a shell of its former self. In the process of doing what they've managed to do, which is the staggering achievement of saving this medium, they've learned a lot about what it takes to create working film. With so many variables beyond light, temperature, and chemical composition to consider, the results will only ever be imperfect. But that's what I love most about it, really. The elements remain in control as their science does its magic."

Check out some of his test shots after the jump.

PX 680 Beta 1 © David Bartholow

PX 680 Beta 2 © David Bartholow

PX 680 Beta 4 © David Bartholow

PX 680 Beta 3 © David Bartholow

PX 680 Beta © David Bartholow

PX 680 Beta 6 © David Bartholow

Bartholow's favorite Impossible Project films are PX 70 Color Shade, PX 680 Color Shade First Flush and PX 600 Silver Shade UV. And this should be added to your wish list.

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- the film pictured above is the PX680 First Flush not the PX680 BETA...they are different films; not the same as indicated in this story. First Flush is the first edition. Beta is beta. Easy way to tell the difference : the boxes are two totally different designs and the words beta actually appear on the beta film.

- Actual beta tests of this film were in February - April 2011.


Indeed! Apologies if the photo caused confusion. I actually chose it to accompany Allison's post for two reasons: It displays Impossible Project packaging in general (rather than an easily recognized Polaroid camera) and it showcases one of Bartholow's preferred non-beta Impossible Project films, as listed at the end of the post. Thank you for your comment; I have added a clarifying cutline to the photo.--Merritt

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