Vintage Mobile Rolls Out For Its First Weekend At The Belmont

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Catherine Downes
Inside the Vintage Mobile
The Vintage Mobile made its debut this past weekend outside the Belmont Hotel, and we over at The Mixmaster hopped on the opportunity to check out the green school bus-turned-mobile shop, being avid thrifters and all.

We arrived at noon to a handful of folks; some were browsing, others were pulling out wads of cash from their pockets to pay for their treasures. Others, still, were taking full advantage of the complimentary breakfast tacos courtesy of Taco Joint.

All the golden tickets had been taken by the time we arrived. "We've had about 40 people come through already," proprietor Jeremy Turner explained. The bus seemed to pick up a lot of foot traffic from the Belmont Hotel and Smoke brunch-goers.

All Photos by Catherine Downes

There were plenty of reasonably-priced trinkets up for grabs, like this $2 coffee mug -- too bad we don't know anybody named Jeff.


Vintages shoes, dresses, blouses, T-shirts and western shirts lined the window where bench seats used to be.


Jeremy and Kelsey Turner assured us the shop's merchandise will change each week.


Vintage frames, belt buckles and jewelry displayed on the dashboard.


The Vintage Mobile will be parked outside of the Belmont Hotel every Saturday and Sunday of the summer.


Location Info


The Belmont Hotel

901 Fort Worth Ave., Dallas, TX

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