Smallest Group Show, Ever: Summer Scenes

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Details from the Smallest Group Show, ever.

I've been looking at your photos. I see them on Facebook, Twitter, Path, instagram and Flickr. Occasionally, I plan to post a few that I like, with your permission, in what I like to call, the Smallest Group Show, ever.

This installment: scenes from Texas summer. View the show after the jump.

Limit To Cool. June 2011. Cool, Texas © Darrell Byers, photographer

groupshow2 560.jpg
Summer sale. June 2011. Dallas, Texas © Barry Whistler, gallery owner

Higher, Daddy. June 2011. Arlington, Texas © Ann Beck, photographer

groupshow004 560.jpg
Dried Flowers in White Rock Prairie. June 2011. Dallas, Texas © Jessica Stewart Lendvay, architect

groupshow005 560.jpg
Pinwheel. June 2011. Dallas, Texas © Mei-Chun Jau, photographer

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