Shooting In Your Own Backyard

Tom Orr Frances Bagley studio©allisonvsmith-hipsta3808.JPG
Tom Orr & Frances Bagley's studio. Dallas. May 2011. © Allison V. Smith
When I am on assignment with my Canon 5D Mark II or shooting photographs for myself with my Hasselblad, chances are I am also making photographs with the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone. It has become my scratch pad for quick, inconspicuous pics.

Like any "toy" camera, there are mysteries and bit of magic that come with each image. It's fun when I am surprised by the outcome. I keep it simple and use the Blanko film and John S lens for most of my shots (that's Hipsta talk, folks). Then I run them through one of the Instagram app filters for the rounded corner look and occasionally a tilt shift. If you prefer black and white, I've been blown away by Hipstamtic's BlacKeys SuperGrain B+W Film.

Above, and after the jump, take a peek at some shots of my Hipsta shots taken over the past month around Dallas. And find more cell phone photo fun with iPhoneography and Life in LoFi.

East Dallas May 2011©allisonvsmith-hipsta3809.JPG
East Dallas. May 2011. © Allison V. Smith

outtake from bandshoot May 2011©allisonvsmith-hipsta3810.JPG
outtake from band shoot. Dallas. May 2011. © Allison V. Smith

Granada Dallas May 2011allisonvsmith-hipsta3802.JPG
Granada. Dallas. May 2011. © Allison V. Smith

Mama Fayes at 500X May 2011allisonvsmith-hipsta3803.JPG
Mama Fayes at 500X. Dallas. May 2011. © Allison V. Smith

Circus Tents Dallas May 2011allisonvsmith-hipsta3804.JPG
circus tents. Dallas. May 2011. © Allison V. Smith

Fair Trade Dallas May 2011 allisonvsmith-hipsta3806.JPG
fair trade. Dallas. May 2011. © Allison V. Smith

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Merritt Martin
Merritt Martin

John S. is totally my favorite lens on Hipstamatic!

@3912db0339142fd50b65cd80617495a6:disqus  I could see how the vignetted corners trend is getting old for some, and sometimes I go super straightforward. That said, I've shot with Holgas (from which that look is both a common outcome and very unpredictable) for years and as developing film gets more cost prohibitive, I like playing with shots this way. 


I'm sorry, but I don't love it. I am really, really tired of the burned in corners and washed out colors. They've become very stale cliches. (But to be fair, I do find tilt shift to be endlessly enjoyable.)


Love it!

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