Patrick Murphy's "Push Pull Pola!" at MAC @ the Mercantile Coffee House

push pull pola !.jpg
Patrick Murphy's "Push Pull Pola!," 2010
Each week, Fine Lookin' Piece offers an image of a work of art visually compelling enough on its own to inspire our readers to hit up the gallery for a closer look -- even with no prior knowledge of the artist or exhibition.

There's something about the endangered/obsolete status of true Polaroid brand film that makes the Push/Pull: Abstract Polaroid Photographs at the Mercantile Coffee House (as part of the McKinney Avenue Contemporary's outreach program) seem so urgent and exciting. But, as evident in Patrick Murphy's abstract "Push Pull Pola!" above, the appeal of this particular exhibition isn't isolated to immediacy.

This image's deep sepia, tiny geometric elements and seemingly organic movement makes us want to know more, even if it has nothing to do with what the subject matter or shot manipulation. That's a major accomplishment for one Polaroid. 

Research Murphy and his work through August 6 at the Mercantile, 1800 Main St.

Location Info

Mercantile Coffee House

1800 Main St., Dallas, TX

Category: Restaurant

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