Seven Reasons Apartment Hunting on a Budget in Dallas Sucks

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In your dreams, entry level employee...

If you know much about Dallas, you've heard the affordability myth. We lure thousands of young professionals here each year with the promise of inexpensive rent. But if you're not in finance, oil, accounting or climbing the ladder of a technology company, you've probably spent time debunking this yourself. To find an affordable, centrally located apartment is a chore. I know, because until roughly one hour ago, I was still hunting. While I can't explain my eventual luck, I can share some of my frustration. Here are seven reasons apartment hunting on a budget in Dallas sucks.

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Kids in the Hall's Bruce McCulloch and Kevin McDonald, Still Flowing Like Old Man River

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Kids in the Hall: Bruce McCulloch, Kevin McDonald, Dave Foley, Mark McKinney and Scott Thompson.
It's not fair to call the Kids in the Hall's upcoming show at the Majestic a "reunion." The troupe and their fans know that fate will always conspire to keep them together.

"We're part of what the Black Crowes call the river," troupe member Bruce McCulloch said. "We just keep flowing,"

Sure they have other projects they're working on as they navigate the maze of show business, as they've done since they stopped doing their critically acclaimed sketch show back in the '90s. That doesn't stop troupe members McCulloch, Kevin McDonald, Dave Foley, Mark McKinney and Scott Thompson from instinctively brainstorming new ideas for sketches and characters. McDonald said they still find themselves suddenly thinking of things they can do with the inquisitive young Gavin or the evil Simon Milligan and his Satan spawned man-servant Hecubus.

"If we had any thought that we'd still be together as we turned 50," McDonald said, "we would have used a different name for sure."

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Miranda Parham on Directing Her First Show, Working in Dallas Theater

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Second Thought Theatre
Drew Wall in Nocturne at Second Thought Theatre

Opening night of any show is nerve-wracking. What if someone forgets their lines? Or walks onstage at the wrong cue? What if the lights don't work or the music won't play? It can make even the most polished professional feel the urge to nervous puke all over their shoes. Now imagine sitting in the back row on opening night of your first foray as a professional director, just a year out of college, at one of the most beloved theaters in Dallas. This was the seat Miranda Parham took at opening night of Second Thought Theatre's Nocturne, but if you'd caught her eye, it didn't show signs of fear. Her show was ready and would go on to earn rave reviews from critics, including the Dallas Observer's Elaine Liner.

As we dig into the heartbeat of the Dallas arts, it's easy to find first timers in all arenas. Artists here are getting off their asses and creating opportunities, many of them at an age that most of us wouldn't associate with the word "professional." Parham follows Key in a new series, Five Under 25, which highlights local artists in an age bracket that will almost certainly remind you of your wasted youth. Swallow your self-pity and read on about her work on Nocturne, playing a gay Ebenezer Scrooge, and setting her sights on Los Angeles.

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Comedian Doug Stanhope Admits He'll Never Be Funnier Than Farts

Categories: Comedy


Talking to comedian Doug Stanhope for the first time can be an intimidating experience.

It's not that he's an angry comic or even an angry person. He's probably one of the most pleasant, affable comics you'll ever meet, but he also has a legendary streak of self-loathing that sets the foundation for his stage material and sense of humor.

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Nerd Out with this Trailer for Jellyfish Eyes

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Takashi Murakami

Here's some news you should be excited about: Yesterday, the Dallas Museum of Art announced that they will be the first American museum to screen Japanese artist Takashi Murakami's live action film, Jellyfish Eyes. This rare chance to nerd out happens at 7 p.m. May 1 to be followed with a conversation between Murakami and DMA curator Gabe Ritter.

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Don't Miss Fort Worth Opera's 2014 Festival, Opening This Weekend

Ellen Appel
The cast of Fort Worth Opera's upcoming production of Mozart's Cosi fan tutte (Kathryn Leemhuis, Scott Quinn, Paul Scholten and Jan Cornelius)

The 2014 Fort Worth Opera Festival starts this weekend and you know what that means: time to head to Cowtown and binge-watch opera.

Instead of spreading productions out across several months, the Fort Worth Opera presents their entire season in just three, short, drama-packed weeks (April 19 through May 11). This year the schedule even makes it possible to catch performances of all four productions over the course of just one weekend (May 2-4), giving audiences the option to gorge themselves on operas Netflix-style.

This year's festival offerings include comedy and tragedy, large-scale, grandiose productions and an intimate chamber opera as well as the fascinating juxtaposition of old and new music. In addition to familiar works by Mozart (Cosi fan tutte) and Bizet (The Pearl Fishers), the FWO has taken on the exciting challenge of presenting audiences with two modern operas by contemporary American composers (Kevin Puts' Silent Night and Daniel Crozier's With Blood, With Ink). Whether you plan to attend them all or pick and choose your own operatic adventure, the preview below will give you a good idea of what to expect. Here's the rundown:

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17 Awesome Things to Do in Dallas, April 17-20

Categories: Dallas Stories

WaterTower Theatre
This is my cry for the weekend, or the stunning Tiffany Hobbs in Spunk

Let's talk about this week. It's been a long one. Work has dragged on with sluggish despair and now all you're waiting for is 5 p.m. on Friday when can park yourself in front of a strong whiskey. Or maybe that's just me. I've got a plan. Let's start the weekend tonight and we'll drown ourselves in 5 Hour Energies and regret tomorrow. Or maybe your weekend does start tonight, thanks to something called Good Friday. Good, indeed.

Either way, we've compiled this list of awesome things for you to do this weekend, because no matter what you're planning to do this weekend, it's time to forget about work and focus on a swiftly approaching Friday night.

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Shastra Home Is Now Open in the Design District

Categories: Fashion, Shopping

Photos by Catherine Downes
The Design District welcomed its latest decor store, Shastra Home, a few weeks ago. The mid-sized boutique specializes in fair-trade artisan goods created in India.

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Dallas Filmmaker Dylan Hollingsworth Is Documenting First Muslim Fraternity

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Dylan Hollingsworth

Last year a biology major at University of Texas at Dallas was joking around with his friends about starting a fraternity. To Ali Mahmoud the idea of sitting around drinking mango juice and reading the Quran didn't sound particularly appealing. But when Alpha Lambda Mu, the country's first Muslim fraternity, began recruiting last fall, 40 students rushed. Now, schools around the country are applying to create chapters. And local storyteller Dylan Hollingsworth is following the journey.

"When I found out that the first Muslim fraternity was founded in America, I wanted to spend a few days with them to capture their story in photos," Hollingsworth says. "But there's a much larger story here. They create the perfect vehicle to present a new perspective on Islam."

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Allison Tolman Brings Heat to Fargo and Gets Glowing Reviews

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Allison Tolman in Fargo.
The critics heaping raves on Fargo, the new 10-part series on cable's FX channel, keep describing its lead actress Allison Tolman as "an unknown." But Dallas theatergoers know her well. She's that funny, bold performer who starred in plays and musicals at Second Thought Theatre (a company she co-founded with fellow Baylor grads), Kitchen Dog and other stages for the better part of the aughts.

A few profiles this week have even called Tolman a "Chicago actress." Hold on, now. She moved to Chicago five years ago to go through Second City's comedy program, but she's a Texan, dadgummit. Don't let that "you betcha" accent on Fargo fool ya.

Judging from Tuesday night's debut on FX, Tolman, who gets second billing on the show's opening credits, deserves star status. Time to go Hollywood. (She actually is moving to L.A. this spring.) She's that impressive in her first big break into television. As Fresh Air's TV critic David Bianculli said during his glowing review of Fargo on NPR Monday, Tolman "is a relative unknown ... but not for much longer."

How good is she on Fargo? So good, she stands out amid a cast of really famous actors, including Billy Bob Thornton, Martin Freeman, Keith Carradine, Bob Odenkirk and Colin Hanks.

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