100 Dallas Creatives: No. 78 Kaleidoscopic Artist Taylor "Effin" Cleveland

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Courtesy the artist

Mixmaster presents "100 Creatives," in which we feature cultural entrepreneurs of Dallas in random order. Know an artistic mind who deserves a little bit of blog love? Email lauren.smart@dallasobserver.com with the whos and whys.

Taylor "Effin" Cleveland (not his real middle name, obviously, but he's badass enough to call himself whatever he wants) is a New Media artist based in Dallas. His body of work is so expansive that he has worked with almost everyone in town, from doing video projections with local performers, including Edward Ruiz, to dj-ing and vj-ing for fashion shows at WAAS Gallery, to having his portraits of local artists commissioned by THRWD magazine, to interning with Central Track, and to having one of his murals commissioned by Urban Outfitters at Northpark Mall in 2013.

Cleveland's aesthetic is on point with the trends occurring commercially in the art world. His work with body mapping and large-scale projection pieces that integrate sound compositions and performance utilize new media technologies in an inventive way that elevates any event he is involved in.

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National Dance Day Is Saturday, So Dust Off Your Dancing Shoes

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Don't they look happy?
Saturday is National Dance Day, another day that you can celebrate through clever Facebook status updates, Instagram hashtags, and throwback photos to your drill team days and those terrible costumes your dance teachers used to make you wear. Or, you could actually get off your butt and dance. Novel idea, I know. But seriously, if it's National Dance Day, I'm pretty sure you should actually be moving.

That's the premise behind this official holiday first recognized in 2010 when Eleanor Holmes Norton, Washington, D.C.'s, congressional delegate, introduced a National Dance Day resolution to promote dance education and physical fitness. Launched by So You Think You Can Dance co-creator Nigel Lythgoe and supported by the Dizzy Feet Foundation, NDD encourages Americans to embrace dance as a fun and positive way to maintain good health. We all need a little bit of movement in our life, and studies have shown (and I'm not going to bore you with nerdy, scientific details here) that the more you move, the more your brain becomes active, sending sweet, positive endorphins through your body, making you feel better and happier. Happy feet are a scientific fact, and in the hot summer days, who doesn't want to do something that makes her feel good?

The people at the Dizzy Feet Foundation just want you to have a good time, so
they have created routines for you to learn and perform at various events in your hometowns, and the Dallas-Fort Worth area is playing host to a few of them (check out the list below for details). The biggest one is happening in downtown Dallas at Klyde Warren Park. All afternoon long Saturday, you can enjoy free dance classes in a variety of styles at the Muse Family Performance Pavilion. Everything from African to Zumba to bachata to salsa will be available for you to learn, plus you'll have the chance to perform the dances prepared by the Dizzy Feet Foundation.

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15 Awesome Things to Do in Dallas this Weekend, July 24-27

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Courtesy Elissa Stafford
Fashion Art Network's party Thursday night includes a visit from these characters.

Summer is the perfect time for road trips and staycations, which might be how you're choosing to spend this weekend. And if you're looking to do that, we've got a few recommendations for both (see Road Tripping, Staycations). But if you're planning to spend the weekend in Dallas and want to add an event or two to your agenda, we've got you covered.

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Follow Dallas Designer Emmanuel Tobias' Journey On Project Runway

Courtesy of the designer
Project Runway struts its way back onto the television Thursday night for season 13. It's your classic reality competition show that narrows contestants down with each episode until there is a grand prize winner.

It's a favorite among fashion lovers or aspiring designers, and anyone else who just loves watching Heidi Klum. Every once in a while, a local designer lands a spot on the show and this season we've got three Texans. Dallas-based Emmanuel Tobias will be taking on the competition, which includes Samantha Palencia from San Antonio and Emily Payne who's from Temple, Texas.

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Dallas Has a Convention Dedicated to Supernatural. We Hope Some Fans Miss It.

You don't even want to know what some people think of these guys.
Fandom is a weird beast. It can make otherwise sane individuals do things that not even a lifetime of drinking will erase from memory.

Some extreme fans of Supernatural seem to fit into that category. For those of you who aren't in the know, it's a show on The CW about two hunky paranormal explorers named Dean and Sam Winchester played by Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. They roam the landscape, solving mysteries, confronting various otherworldly nasties.

If you're one of those people who feel all tingly just watching a rerun of Supernatural, you'll probably explode when you learn that a special Supernatural fan convention is coming to town in September featuring special appearances from the stars and all sorts of other events to help get the geek out of your system.

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On Facebook, a Yard Sale in Lakewood Goes Digital

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Ildar Sagdejev via Wikimedia
It used to be that when you wanted to get rid of old junk that inevitably accumulates in the home, you had to host a yard sale. Yard sales are colossal pains in the ass and require setting up a bunch of card tables and sitting in the hot sun while haggling with strangers over the price of your grandma's antique dining table and some old paper back books.

Then, technology came along and made things a little easier. Sites like Craigslist allowed people to connect with others in their area via the Internet to specifically buy the used items they wanted without having to drive across the city all weekend long and browse through garage sales. But Craigslist was not without its problems. The ability to arrange anonymous sex on the same site that you were using to sell your used children's clothing was certainly creepy, and horror stories of robbery and even murder after arranged Craigslist sales made many people wary of the site.

So, the junk piled up, and most of us decided to just donate it to Goodwill instead of trying to make a few bucks. Karla Zimmerman, a resident in Dallas' Lakewood neighborhood, she first realized that she needed to declutter when her family was making a big move to a new home after almost 20 years. She'd never heard of anything like a "Facebook garage sale" until a childhood friend added to her a group in her hometown back in Alabama, which gave her the idea to start Lakewood Facebook Yard Sale.

"Lakewood is known for its garage sales, and even just junk pickup," says Zimmerman. People from all over the city drive around Lakewood to pick up junk from the curb on bulk trash days, so Zimmerman knew that her idea would take off. "It started off with just my original friends from the neighborhood, and then they would add their friends, and it just grew from there.

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Podcast: Karina Longworth on Old Hollywood -- and a Star Wars Scoop

Categories: Film and TV


On this week's Voice Film Club podcast, Amy Nicholson of the L.A. Weekly and Stephanie Zacharek of The Village Voice interview film critic and author Karina Longworth, who's just launched a fascinating new podcast on the history of Hollywood called You Must Remember This. Karina talks about the movies and maybe shares a scoop about those new Star Wars movies around minute 27.

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Take a Deep Dive into Performance Art with (Wo)manorial's New Exhibition Inside)(Outside

Categories: Visual Art

Inside)(Outside opens online Sunday at midnight.

Technically, a museum is a building. Attendants patrol the halls to protect the art, the white walls offer a distraction-free setting to look at paintings, which curators position and explain on placards, giving visitors an organized, insightful experience of an exhibition. But art -and the experience of it - has never been limited to a trip to the museum and in the information age, the Internet expands artistic output like never before.

One such output, with strong Dallas ties is that of (wo)manorial, an art collective that functions as an online exhibition hall for artists considered with issues of gender, the female experience and the subject of femininity. Exhibiting online renders three-dimensional objects into 2-d visualizations; although you aren't allowed to touch the art in museums, it's there just inches from your fingertips.

A new online exhibition, Inside)(Outside, exploring international variations of performance art concerned with topics of gender opens on the Web site, Sunday at midnight. Curated by local artists, Courtney Brown and Allison Starr, known collectively as Performance SW, the work exhibited is meant to challenge the ephemeral nature of performance art, as well as the performative nature of gender roles. And come August 16, participating artists will visit Oak Cliff in the flesh for what Brown calls a "Deep dive into performance art."

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Party Under the Influence of Art Thursday Night

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Courtesy Elissa Stafford
Pick your poison...

Since its official launch in May, the Fashion Art Network has thrown "curated parties." They tempt partygoers with a fresh vibe, cheap tickets, and booze, then treat them to an evening of design, performance, and visual art - typically featuring artists represented by the part event-planning, part marketing company. On the one hand, it's a sneaky way to present art without allowing for value judgment; on the other, who can say no to music, booze, and art?

"It's a great time. It's a real creative time," says Dwayne Williams, co-founder of FAN. "We've thrown events with fashion presentations from different designers, allowing the designer to present different looks to the audience with art shows simulataneously, with artwork spanning from traditional art to new media."

Thursday's event breaks the mold of previous parties, because FAN invited Darryl Ratcliff to curate a party called, "A City Under the Influence." He's invited music acts Sudie and Ronnie Heart to provide the jams; Elissa Stafford will present video and performance art; Patrick Romeo created an installation piece; and Fred Villanueva teamed up with Cupcake Wars competitor Lauren Lee to create edible art.

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Forget the News, Just Follow This Dog on Instagram

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Last week, I was walking through the Bishop Arts District with my younger sister, who recently graduated from college and is living with me for the summer. She let out a squeal when she saw a Vespa with a sidecar parked in front of Oddfellows just yards from a big, fluffy dog.

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