5 Cheap Events To Cure Your Cabin Fever With Culture This Week

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Contemporary Ballet of Dallas performs at Out of the Loop.

After the snow, ice, rinse, and repeat, cabin fever has slowly creeped into Dallas. It strikes when you least suspect it, even during those epic House of Cards marathons, and urges you to get out of bed, put pants on, and do something with your life. Now that the snow has cleared, it's time to venture back into the world and spend a little time enriching the brain that you rotted with all that television.

Fortunately, you don't have to shell out much more than the cost of your monthly Netflix subscription to check out these five arts and culture events this week. Ranging from visual art to sheep herding, you're sure to find something that will make you want to get up off of your couch and interact with other human beings.

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10 Types of Dallas Drivers

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If only there more Dallas drivers like this one.

By Billy Magic

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UNT's Improv Team Celebrates Regional Win with Awesome Comedy Bash Before Nationals

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Roll Out the Barrel
Roll Out the Barrel members L-R: Cotton Hensley, Seth Jones, Jason Pollard and Jose Rodriguez
This past January, UNT's improv group, Roll Out the Barrel, nabbed first place at the College Improv Tournament (CIT) Southwest Regional. This marks the second consecutive Southwest Regional win for UNT, with last year's group, Cell Block Tango, taking home the prize in 2014.

Roll Out the Barrel members Cotton Hensley, Seth Jones, Jason Pollard, and Jose Rodriguez (all UNT students) will head to Chicago March 14 to compete for the national prize. But first, they're throwing a big, free comedy bash, the UPC Spring Comedy Festival, in Denton Friday.

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Leonard Nimoy Represented the Best of Humanity

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Nimoy in a publicity still for Star Trek III: The Search for Spock .
Leonard Nimoy has died at the age of 83. Both on camera and off, he exemplified the best of what Star Trek, and thus humanity, could represent.

Part of that was Trek's writing, of course. But it was Nimoy who took what was on the page — often repaired what was on the page — and brought Spock alive, making a half-human, half-Vulcan with pointed ears the most relatable character on the show. Not everyone is a Captain Kirk, or would even want to be, but Nimoy's portrayal of Spock touched on a key human experience: the sometimes unbearable difficulty of having emotions. He brought a truth and an authenticity to the role that kept it from ever descending into camp, no matter what the script called for him to do.

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Dallas Artist Rob Wilson Creates Touching Tribute to Leonard Nimoy

Rob Wilson

Today, the world was dealt a sad blow. Leonard Nimoy, Spock of 'Star Trek,' died at 83. "Live Long and Prosper" popped up numerous times in my newsfeed, stories of Nimoy and Star Trek were everywhere, but one tribute caught my eye. Rob Wilson, local artist and graphic designer extraordinaire, created a simple, touching image with the caption, "Beam Him Up."

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Can't Miss Films at this Weekend's Inaugural South Asian Film Festival

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Courtesy SAFF
A scene from Brahmin Bulls.

When one discusses South Asian films, especially those from India, it often conjures up Bollywood images of swaying chorus lines, catchy music and Indian film stars. Jitin Hingorani, the director of the South Asian Film Festival in Plano, however, has a plan to show DFW that India and its geographical neighbors have much more to offer in terms of celluloid entertainment.

"Bollywood is a fantastic genre that has its place in the South Asian psyche, but we, as non-resident Indians, don't really see ourselves reflected in Bollywood films," Hingorani says. "We don't live in those mansions, we don't drive those cars and our love stories are not that formulaic. It's about time we see a bit of ourselves in our cinema."

The festival features 14 films. Some of the films are shorts, others are documentaries, and a few are feature length narratives. Each night of the festival contains a theme. The opening and closing nights each showcase a single feature film. In between, however, SAFF offers up programming for women, children, the LGBTQ community, and youth. All the films are in English and Hindi. The Hindi films are subtitled.

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Documentarian Jeremy Snead on Video Games Being Selected for Library of Congress

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When we talked to Jeremy Snead last summer, his documentary Video Games: The Movie, had just premiered at the Texas Theatre. The local filmmaker, who is also behind the Mediajuice production studio, lined up some big names to be interviewed for the project, like Sean Astin, Zach Braff, and Chris Hardwick. The final result was a great overview of the history of video games, touching on its pioneers and its trends, all in a comfortable runtime of under two hours.

Now the film can be seen on Netflix Instant, as well as Blu-ray/DVD, we caught back up with Snead to talk about what he's doing next. From the film finding its way into the Library of Congress to his upcoming TV series on video games, Snead is a busy guy these days.

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Forget #TheDress, Here's What to Read on the Dallas Internet Right Now

Mike Daisey was interview by local performer John Michael on TheaterJones.

If you're tired of hearing about the dress of many colors, the Internet offers numerous alternatives. Lately, Dallas writers have flooded the Internet with words worth reading. And while I'm obviously biased toward the writing you'll find on the pages of DallasObserver.com, there are some articles out there about the arts that no one on our staff or in our bevy of freelancers has the expertise to write. Rather than waste your time with my take on their take on that one thing, I determined to bring back the artifacts from my last deep dig around the Dallas Wide Web. Here's your reading list for this blustery Friday.

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19 Awesome Things to Do in Dallas This Weekend, Feb. 26- March 1

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Matthew Murphy
Put on your Sunday best and go out on the town this weekend.

Looking for things to do this weekend? Mixmaster knows good times that will fill your culture quotient and keep you entertained. Sit back and let our knowledgeable team of culturati fill your calendar.

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Doom McCoy and the Death Nugget Is a Brief, Bizarre Ride

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Justin Locklear
The cast of students and puppets in Doom McCoy.

Count on actor-writer-director-puppeteer and Ochre House regular Justin Locklear to bring his unique brand of weirdness to Doom McCoy and the Death Nugget, his original student-acted production (from an idea by Thomas Riccio) now at UTD's University Theatre.

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