Home By Hovercraft Releases Nostalgic, Dreamy Video for 'Lie in Your Bed'

Still from Home by Hovercraft's new video, "Lie in Your Bed"

Local band Home by Hovercraft has a flair for the dramatic. You hear it in their music's melodious swelling and Seth Magill's resonant vocals; It comes across in their live shows with the use of unconventional instruments, i.e. clogging as percussion; and last year, the band wrote and performed in a hit musical that used their songs as soundtrack. So, it should come as no surprise that their first music video, released just this morning for song "Lie in Your Bed," follows in this eccentric tradition.

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The Fans of Lady Gaga at American Airlines Center (Video)

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We sent Kathy Tran out to the Lady Gaga show last week to document the costumes of her Little Monsters

When we attended the Lady Gaga concert last week at American Airlines Center, we were left with one particularly strong impression from the night: that Mother Monster is close as ever with her Little Monsters. That may hardly be news at this point; from the time Gaga first achieved here own self-proclaimed stardom, it has been indelibly linked to her faithful fans, who gleefully dress up in elaborate costumes at any chance they get.

To help prove our point, we brought along videographer Kathy Tran to the show last week to help chronicle the sights and sounds of the crowd at AAC, which are always at least as important as any Gaga show itself.

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Jacob Furr Debuts Heartbreaking "Falling Stars" Video


Fort Worth's Jacob Furr has been on an intense journey these past couple of years. While he's certainly been a well-traveled troubadour, spending a great deal of time in California after moving from here a few years ago, it's safe to say that his geographical wandering isn't what has impacted him the most. Last year, the folk-rock veteran mined depths most of us fear, yet rarely have to face directly when his young wife, Christina, died of cancer. Furr mourned as he wrote his beautiful album, Trails and Traces, which is scheduled to be released in September.

"Faling Stars," the new album's lead single, has been given the video treatment, and it's of little surprise that it's as stunning as the song itself is.

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Jessie Frye Debuts Steamy "Shape of a Boy" Video

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Video still from Jessie Frye's "Shape of a Boy"

You gotta hand it to Denton artist Jessie Frye: she's never once shied away from being sultry. She turned her Main Stage performance at this year's Edgefest into a a sweaty, energetic mess that impressed local critics and earned her quite a few new fans. Impressing people with her performances has been a trend for Frye since she made her debut back in 2008.

Now we get a first look at her video for "Shape of a Boy" a seductive little number filled with blistering guitar work, and Frye's trademark key work.

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Tailgating George Strait's "Cowboy Rides Away" Finale at AT&T Stadium

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"To King George!" That toast is about all that needs to be said about the atmosphere at AT&T Stadium over the weekend when country legend George Strait arrived to wrap up his last-ever concert tour. It was a suitably grand sendoff, too, with more than 100,000 people attending -- a record for any indoor concert, ever.

Of course, half the fun of going was in the party surrounding the show. Rather than being a solemn occasion, it was a day for thousands upon thousands of people to come together for their love of King George. The Observer was there, video camera in tow, to let some of those fans share their reminiscences.

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Chambers Premiere "Midlake Hates Chambers" Video for New Record, Inner Room

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Molly Valdez
We have to hand it to Chambers: There is, indeed, more than one way to promote a record. If you're a major-label artist, there's a good chance that will mean over-the-top self-aggrandizement. But for the moody four-piece from Denton, they opted to take the opposite route: complete self-laceration. And whaddya know, it's a pretty fun idea.

The band, which includes Judson Valdez, Chase and Piper Johnson and Daniel Pelletier, are releasing Inner Room on June 10. In honor of the release, they're having members of other local bands sit down and talk shit about the record. First came Seryn. And now, with the album release right around the corner, come Midlake.

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Jeff Ryan's Myopic Appears in New Violitionist Sessions Video

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Jerome Brock
Jeff Ryan is Myopic
The folks at the Violitionist Sessions dropped a new installment yesterday, and it should be a real treat for any ambient music buffs or for fans of Jeff Ryan's work. Ryan is a true veteran of North Texas music, having played drums in bands throughout the area for various acts over the past two decades, including touring with St. Vincent and Sarah Jaffe, as well as forming one-half of stellar Dallas act the Baptist Generals.

For the latest Violitionist Session, Ryan performed with his long-time bedroom-project-turned-full-on-band, Myopic.

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