Watch Wizards of Gore Officiate a Wedding on Halloween at Double Wide [VIDEO]

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Sarah Passon
Becca Sosa and Chad Barton got married by Wizards of Gore at Double Wide on Halloween

It doesn't get much more metal than a costume party for a metal show at the Double Wide on Halloween night, does it? Well, how about if that metal band is Wizards of Gore, the new incarnation of local legends Rigor Mortis? Or what if there's also a wedding taking place during that concert? Best of all, what if the bride is dressed as Amy Winehouse with a "Rehab" tank top? Yep. That would be it. That would be the most metal thing we can think of.

And what do you know, that's exactly what happened this past Halloween. Local metal fans Becca Sosa and Chad Barton tied the knot at Double Wide and our videographer Sarah Passon was there to catch the special night on film.

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