Bukkake Moms Bring "The Chronic" To The East Coast

Whatever you do, don't google this band's name.

Rick Eye, one of the newest members of Bukkake Moms, remembers the first time he played with the band he joined in 2013. Fans tend to throw all sort of crazy things to performers while they're on stage. That night Eye got to experience objects getting thrown at him, but it wasn't quite what he had in mind.

"While we were playing our song 'Scrotum Caught in a Propeller' for thirty minutes straight, this guy threw his whiskey glass at me and then he threw his Grammy at my face." Eye joked about publicly shaming that person in this interview but he decided he wants to keep the name off the record. The only clue we can give you is that his attacker is the violin player from the band Seryn. "He was just drunk, there was people cheering us on and some people wanted us to get us off. We played for another 15 minutes," Eye said

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The Phuss Stream Tracks from Upcoming Record, On the Prowl

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Courtesy of Phuss Facebook Page

There's a new album coming down the pipe from Fort Worth punk band the Phuss, who recently signed with Albany, New York record label Magnetic Eye Records. And while the record, which will be titled On the Prowl, won't get it's official release until September 16, the band has whetted our appetites for what's to come by streaming a couple new tracks on their Bandcamp page.

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Jacob Furr Debuts Heartbreaking "Falling Stars" Video


Fort Worth's Jacob Furr has been on an intense journey these past couple of years. While he's certainly been a well-traveled troubadour, spending a great deal of time in California after moving from here a few years ago, it's safe to say that his geographical wandering isn't what has impacted him the most. Last year, the folk-rock veteran mined depths most of us fear, yet rarely have to face directly when his young wife, Christina, died of cancer. Furr mourned as he wrote his beautiful album, Trails and Traces, which is scheduled to be released in September.

"Faling Stars," the new album's lead single, has been given the video treatment, and it's of little surprise that it's as stunning as the song itself is.

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David Allan Coe Cancelled His Dallas Show Due to Having to "Perform Outside"

Courtesy of Venue's Facebook Page

Last night, just before his scheduled performance at the Gas Monkey Bar and Grill in Dallas, so-called "outlaw" David Allan Coe packed his rebel flag-adorned equipment and hit the road, leaving venue staff angry and fans perplexed.

According to a message from Gas Monkey's GM Alex Mendosa posted to the venue's official Facebook page at 10:00 p.m. Wednesday, it was Coe who pulled the show's plug, leaving the venue and a hearty crowd in a bind.

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Barry Kooda to Exercise Second Amendment Right to Rock with Open Carry Guitar Rally

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Photo Courtesy of Barry Kooda
Guitars don't kill audiences. Guitarists do.

The topic of guns is all over the news, whether they are being used as props of democracy and freedom or props of violence and destruction. Somehow, "gun nuts" actually found a way to be gun-nuttier when they thought it was a good idea to walk into public spaces across Texas such as Chipotle and Chili's with large weapons to raise awareness about their Second Amendment rights and scare the processed food product out of their customers.

Artist and musician Barry Kooda said he saw the news reports about the Open Carry movement and he was aghast. So he decided to take action: He started an Open Carry Guitar movement complete with T-shirts, Facebook followers and an Open Carry Guitar Rally where loud and proud guitars owners can bring their axes and carry them in public at the Continental Street Bridge at 6 p.m. on that most American of days (besides Super Bowl Sunday) Friday, July 4th.

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The 5 Most Enlightening Facts from the Texxas Jam 78 Documentary


For any music fan who has lived in or around Dallas for at least a few years, stories (and probably grand exaggerations) of times had at one of the Texxas Jam Music Festivals in the late 1970s or early 1980s are commonplace at this point. The Texxas World Music Festival, which was held annually in the Cotton Bowl from 1978 until 1987, showcased the best in hard rock at that time. The inaugural event featured names that remain large (Aerosmith, Ted Nugent), are now small (Head East), and were only promising youngsters at the time (Van Halen). After years of waiting, Texxas Jam 78, a documentary highlighting the event, is now available.

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The Dallas Observer Needs a Clubs Editor

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Thumbnail image for a-crazy-night-in-deep-ellum-the-observer-music-awards-showcase.7358571.87.jpg
The Observer is looking for a part-time Clubs Editor. The job includes:

- Data entry to keep our clubs listings current.
- Managing the Dallas Observer concert calendar.
- Visiting and writing about new bars and clubs, and re-visiting old standbys when their listing needs a refresh.

The ideal candidate will be comfortable mingling in random bars and familiar with Dallas nightlife and music. Some professional writing experience is preferred, but industrious and talented recent graduates will be considered. Reliable transportation or a really advanced drone is required.

Send a cover letter, résumé and writing samples to joe.tone@dallasobserver.com with Clubs Editor in the subject line.

Good Luck Karaoke at Double Wide Is Dead, But It'll Be Right Back

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Updated with a response from the Double Wide below.

One of Dallas' most beloved recent institutions, Good Luck Karaoke at the Double Wide, is no more. This weekly festival of alcohol and bad singing to great tunes, heavily assisted by the two men in charge and their refusal to ever break character, had been a fixture in the small dingy Exposition Park hangout for three whole years, which is a lifetime in terms of "things that happen every week in specific bars" terms. On Monday, it was announced that run had come to an end.

But don't fret. Co-hosts Josh Hammertimez and Oliver Peck say it's coming right back.

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A Salute To AC/DC

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Angus Young looks like a possessed schoolboy as fire explodes from his fingertips each time they dance across the fretboard of his signature Gibson SG. His older brother, Malcolm, has been providing fuel to his fire for more than four decades. And together they've created some of heavy metal's most memorable tunes, including "Hell's Bells," "Highway to Hell" and "It's a Long Way to the Top (if You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll)."

But after 41 years of inspiring legions of guitarists, the brothers and the rest of AC/DC may be calling it quits as early as Tuesday, reports the Sydney Herald.

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Watch A.Dd+'s Stunning New Visuals for "Can't Come Down"

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Jeff Adair
Slim Gravy gets psychedelic for "Can't Come Down"

Last night around 6pm, Dallas rap duo A.Dd+ dropped a brand new music video on their YouTube channel, for their fan favorite single, "Can't Come Down". Slim Gravy's art-of-storytelling weed saga produced by X The Misfit first hit Soundcloud almost two and a half years ago, but the new Jeff Adair directed clip is not to be slept on. From lush and gorgeous shots of the city, to a slew of notable cameos, to the flawless execution of song's concept-- this is one of the best local music videos we've seen pop up in a while.

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