The Suffers Brought a Touch of Houston Brotherhood to Club Dada Last Night

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Photos by Marco Torres
Kam Franklin of The Suffers at Club Dada.

The Suffers
Make Some Room EP Release with the Tontons and Fat Tony
Club Dada, Dallas
Sunday, January 25, 2015

"...Damn. Daaamn. DAMN. DAYUM!"

Those were the words Kam Franklin belted out last night at Club Dada as The Suffers cooly dropped their version of Outkast's "SpottieOttieDopaliscious" in a room full of Dallas music lovers eager to step out for a show on a Sunday evening. The feeling of joy we experienced once the horns blasted their fanfare was nothing less than magical.

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Jason Isbell and Sturgill Simpson Were the Real Deal at Winstar on Saturday

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Kelly Dearmore
Sturgill Simpson at Winstar World Casino Saturday night.

Jason Isbell
With Sturgill Simpson
WinStar World Casino, Thackerville, OK
Saturday, January 10, 2015

I've got a brother-in-law named Joe. He's a good dude and he likes music well enough, but he isn't the type to seek out new stuff, especially from lesser-known names. I took him to see Telegraph Canyon a few years ago and he enjoyed it thoroughly, but that show didn't send him into digging for other bands like them that he might get into. Joe regularly kids me about going to see a band "no one's ever heard of," which is when I reply with, "If it isn't Bachman-Turner Overdrive or Lady Gaga, you haven't heard of them."

Saturday night's show at Winstsar World Casino, just north of the Texas/Oklahoma border would've been perfect for Joe. Jason Isbell and Sturgill Simpson aren't names that anything less than an active consumer of indie music, especially of the Americana-flavored niche, would recognize with immediate certainty.

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Lights All Night Shrugged Off the EDM Haters in Dallas Over the Weekend

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Ed Steele
Who says EDM is dead? Not the fans who packed LAN over the weekend
Lights All Night
Dallas Convention Center
Friday and Saturday, December 26 and 27, 2014

"The thing that has been most notable in the past two or three years is the decline of EDM"

--DJ Earworm discussing his year end Year of Pop mix with Billboard

And we watched with bemused fascination as EDM breathed it's last breaths of musical domination. The scene in front played out as thus: A pair of young ladies dressed like scantily clad neon angels stood leaning on each other, sweating, eyes drooped and barely able to make a coherent thought between them suddenly lost control of their bodies, and a fluid (i.e. vomit) was let loose. It was something to see to say the least, and a sobering reminder that maybe taking substances and dancing all night is not the best idea in the world.

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Centro-matic Waved a Tearful Goodbye To Denton Last Night

Ed Steele

And so it ended. Last night almost two decades of brotherhood came to a close at sold-out Dan's Silverleaf amidst cheers, tears, smiles and hugs. It's hard to sum up the importance of Centro-matic to Denton (and to North Texas as a whole), but I think the clearest indication is how quickly the shows sold out -- that is, so quickly that they had to expand from two nights to three due to fan demand.

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Red Bull Capped Off a Big Year with Their Crazy Yearender Party at Trees Last Night

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Jeremy Hallock
Things got a little fuzzy with Anamanaguchi on hand at Trees last night

Red Bull Sound Select Yearender
With Anamanaguchi, Mystery Skulls and Wrestlers
Trees, Dallas
Thursday, December 18, 2014

It was damn cold Thursday night, but an intensely spirited crowd still came out and filled Trees for the second night of Red Bull Sound Select's massive Yearender blowout. After hosting the first night on Wednesday across the street at Club Dada, they brought in Anamanaguchi, an instrumental electronic band from New York City who did the soundtrack for a video game and raised an obscene amount of money for their Endless Fantasy album via Kickstarter. Everyone danced with reckless abandon. One lady even vomited on several people as she walked across the room. It was a good night.

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Erykah Badu Moonlighted as Lo Down Loretta Brown at Beauty Bar Last Night

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DJ Sober
DJ Sober was joined by special guest "Lo Down Loretta Brown" at Beauty Bar last night

Big Bang
With Erykah Badu and DJ Sober
Beauty Bar, Dallas
Thursday, December 18, 2014

Sometimes it seems as if everyone in Dallas is playing an endless game of "Six degrees of separation" from Erykah Badu. It's more like two degrees, since it appears everybody has a friend's cousin who grew up with little Erica Wright. Despite these alleged connections, actual Badu sightings are rare for most Dallasites, and she's become kind of a mythical figure in her own hometown. But this week she's treated us to two special DJ appearances, one of which happened last night in the intimate confines of Beauty Bar for DJ Sober's Big Bang dance night.

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Fleetwood Mac Preached the Power of Change Last Night at American Airlines Center

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Tony Nelson
Christine McVie (pictured in Minneapolis) played Dallas with Fleetwood Mac on Sunday

Fleetwood Mac
American Airlines Center, Dallas
Sunday, December 14, 2014

They say that as you get older, your passions get a little less intense. You gain perspective, and the emotions that make each of life's ups and downs feel like the beginning or the end of the world smooth out. Romance takes a back seat to the enduring qualities of friendship.

In the case of Lindsey Buckingham, that's both true and not true. The rawness of his playing, the almost unhinged quality of how he channels his music, is as strong as ever, has maybe even increased as he's gotten older. It's just that it's changed. But as was demonstrated Sunday night at American Airlines Center, one thing that hasn't changed is that those passions, which are so crucial to Fleetwood Mac's music, wouldn't be the same without Christine McVie's calming influence.

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Ms. Lauryn Hill Killed it Last Night at South Side Ballroom

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Erik Hess
Lauryn Hill, pictured in Minneapolis earlier this year, didn't disappoint in Dallas Wednesday night
Ms. Lauryn Hill
South Side Ballroom, Dallas
Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Going into last night's show at South Side Ballroom, no one had any clue what to expect from Ms. Lauryn Hill. There's no denying HIll's place as one of the most formative female R&B and hip-hop artists in history, but she's got a spotty past as a performer. Sometimes, she's absolutely flawless. Others, she refuses to perform or unenthusiastically slogs through the set. Earlier legs of Hill's current tour were panned by critics across the globe, especially one disastrous performance in London earlier this year.

Hill had abruptly postponed this very same show once before, it having originally been scheduled for November 14, without apology. When the show rescheduled, the news was almost universally met with some version of, "Here's hoping she shows up on time." The doors to South Side opened at 8:30, and by 10 p.m. people in the audience were clearly wondering where the hell she was.

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Highlights from the 2014 Dallas Observer Music Awards Showcase

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Mike Brooks
DOMA was a cool time on Saturday, but did anyone look cooler than the Phuss's Forrest Barton?

Hoo boy, do our heads ever hurt. Well, they hurt yesterday, at any rate. Today's a little bit better. But we're still not totally sure where all these bruises came from. Which means, yep, it was a pretty successful Dallas Observer Music Awards showcase. (We had fun anyway. We hope everyone else did too.) It was the biggest one we've had yet, with 60 bands spread throughout nine different venues throughout Deep Ellum, providing local music fans with a full eight hours of uninterrupted live music -- and a pretty nice warm up for a holiday season.

As we gear up for the DOMA awards ceremony that takes place Tuesday night at Granada Theater, the DC9 at Night team decided to pause and look back at the showcase passed. Here are some of our personal highlights from the night and reflections on the Dallas music scene.

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Crown & Harp's Birthday Party Last Night was Really a Celebration of Dallas Music

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Jeff Gage
-topic played a late-night set upstairs at Crown & Harp on Sunday night
Crown & Harp 18th Anniversary Party
Lower Greenville, Dallas
Sunday, November 30, 2014

In Dallas, catching shows with stacked bills is normally confined to the few hallowed blocks of Deep Ellum. Rich in history and deep with its repertoire of club venues, Deep Ellum is the cornerstone of live music in this region. However, with its rebirth as a thriving concert venue in recent years, Crown & Harp has become the most obvious reason to head to Lower Greenville for music once nights in Deep Ellum have you feeling like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day.

On Sunday, Crown & Harp celebrated its 18th anniversary with a fun mix of rappers, rock bands and DJs. A change of scenery is always nice, but Crown & Harp's most laudable quality isn't what neighborhood it's in, it's the fact that it's a champion and advocate of local music. And also the drinks are cheap as hell.

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