The Best Concerts In Dallas This Weekend, 1/23-1/25

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They won a grammy. A GRAMMY.

The working week is over. It's time to party and there's a bunch of options to do so this weekend. Grammy Award winning band, Snarky Puppy, is putting on a show of a side projects from the members of the band. Post-rock band This Will Destroy You will hit the Granada Theater with True Widow. Thundercat performs with -topic and Roger Sellers opening at Three Links. A hard rock mini fest Winter Jamboree takes over Trees. The Suffers get all retro at Club Dada. And there's plenty more. Check it out.

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McKinney's Shaka Plays Crazy, Vomit-Fueled Punky Reggae

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courtesy of Shaka's Facebook page
Shaka atop the roof of Wit's End in Dallas.

Legends come in many forms. For Shaka, it came as a three-round rifle burst of projectile vomit. It's the kind of spectacle that stuns bar patrons and catapults you from a random out-of-town band directly to cult status. That level of infamy that causes a venue to beg you to come back every time you're in town. It may not be a glorious path to success, but damn if they don't have a good time every second of the way.

But more on that later. Hailing from McKinney, Shaka is a three-piece "punky reggae" act that, as you might have already guessed, puts on monstrously outrageous shows. After five years since their last release, the band is putting out four new tracks tomorrow as a step toward a new full-length album. Though they're often careening through the live circuit, they're slated to have one of their best years ever as they press a true EP and head back on the road.

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8 Reasons Dallas Hip-Hop Is Better Than Houston's

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Mike Brooks
Peace, Houston. Blue, the Misfit and Dallas got your ass, son

Dallas and Houston have a bit of a rivalry going on. Montrose vs. Lower Greenville. Texans vs. Cowboys. Bla vs. Bla. Blah Blah. Who Cares vs. *Fart Noise*. Let's get to the real matters of substance, the pressing questions, the logical debates. Simply put: Which city has a better hip-hop scene?

If you're considering the whole span of history, you'd probably have to hand it to the swamp city covered in a layer of smog. But, in 2015, we'll give it to the (sort-of) home of the Dallas Cowboys. We've been slept on for far too long, and even Complex seems to agree, because they named us the most underrated scene not too long ago. So, without further ado, here are 8 reasons why Dallas' hip-hop scene is superior:

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-Topic is the Great Facilitator of Dallas Hip-Hop

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-topic on Facebook
-topic takes his music to the streets and straight to the people
A few blocks down from the intersection of Washington Street and San Jacinto Road, outside Bryan Street Apartments, Donny Domino loiters on his phone. He's speaking to Freddy Sans, the producer/engineer-directed singer, at the Dojo 45 recording studio. It is here that the Team From Nowhere sound is created and cultivated and tonight, where Echols will arrange her set list for Daps, Hugs and Mugs -- one of the first installments of Somethin' Proper, a series of grassroots entertainment events created and curated by TFN's de facto captain, rapper -topic.

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Dallas' Little Beards is a Husband and Wife's Labor of Love

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Alan Masters
Sean and Nan Little Kirkpatrick are Little Beards. They're also totally in love

It doesn't take anything more than a few people, a couple of instruments, and a little inspiration to put a band together. Usually, though, there is some vision, some guiding force like a genre or message that compels musicians to get together and start making music. In the case of Little Beards, though, something much more pure was at play: a desire to experiment and "just see what happens."

Sean Kirkpatrick and Nan Little Kirkpatrick have a lot in common. They're both musicians, they both play in other bands, and they both have a deep reverence for 80s synth music. Oh, and they're also totally in love. You might recognize Sean from his other project, the much-beloved Nervous Curtains, and Nan from playing with Frauen. Sean and Nan met in 2008, married in 2011, and decided to make music together as Little Beards in 2014.

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Dallas' Foley is a Motown Vet Who's Played with Miles Davis and George Clinton

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William Thoren

Foley may be the most accomplished musician in Dallas that you've never heard of. He's toured with George Clinton, Miles Davis, and performed with several bands on the 1993 Lollapalooza tour. He recorded albums for Motown and performed on countless talk shows and award shows. At 52, Foley, who grew up in Ohio but has called Dallas home for the past four years, has had experiences that most of us will only dream about. Now he is preparing an enormous band for a show at Crown & Harp that will be headlined by Headkrack on January 30.

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DC9 at Night Mixtape with Colin Theall

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Colin Theall keeping an upbeat dancefloor.

Colin Theall is amongst the younger talents in the Dallas DJ scene to emerge in the past few years. Theall is very much a product of the newer generation of DJs. That's not always an advantage, but in Theall's case he has a gifted ear for solid floor tracks, tracks that are current enough to be relevant to the younger demographic and still funky enough to keep an old jaded house head bopping his head all night.

Theall established himself as a local fixture with his Vibe residency at Beauty Bar, which ended this past November, along with an increasing number of guest spots all over town. Nowadays you can find him in Uptown at Tate's for his weekly residency, and at Crown & Harp for his monthly residency, affectionately referred to as "DOAP." For this week's Mixtape, Theall reveals some of the inner details of his brief but fruitful journey as a DJ.

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The Best Bro Bars in Dallas

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Roderick Pullum
What's the matter? You say "bro bar" like it's a bad thing. We got a DJ and everything!

What do we mean by "bro bar?" More specifically, what do we mean by "best?" (Guess we didn't use up all of our irony with the Best Hipster Bars list.) Well, it's a funny question. For a large segment of the population, "bro bar" means plaid shorts, beer pong and booze so cheap you'll make a bad decision or get into a fight (as if those are mutually exclusive). It might also entail a little racism. Simply put, for a lot of people it's "pure heaven."

Regardless of which side of the argument you land on, these are the creme de la creme of bro bars. Avoid them at all costs or seek them out as your go-to party spots this weekend. The choice is yours.

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The Best Dallas Songwriters

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Artist Facebook
C2, Calvin Collins, Knows What you Want. And He's Going to Give It To You.

Sure, we've already handed out the DOMA trophies, and we had a hell of a good time in doing so. Just because the showcase and the ceremony have past doesn't mean we're ready to stop celebrating the artists that were worthy of DOMA-love. So, let's tip a hat, a glass or whatever else that's tippable to some artists that are pretty swell, regardless of whether they won a prize or not.

So often, when one hears the term "songwriter," a pensive, diary-toting, chamomile tea-sipping type comes to mind, but here in North Texas, we recognize quality song craft in many forms and styles. The artists listed below represent a fantastic range of styles that are only ties together by the excellent results, because none of them sound anywhere close to one another. Which is such a very cool thing. This isn't a category for the best lyricist or best producer. These five have shown they can work all angles of a song in order to present a full-formed piece of art better than most.

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New Kids on the Block Coming to Dallas with TLC and Nelly

Rachel Parker
This one's for the old folks: NKOTB are coming to American Airlines Center in May
Okay, this one's just kind of funny. Don't get us wrong, we loved the '90s. But in a strange way, we love '90s reunion tours even more than we loved the real thing back in the day. Why's that? Because with reunion tours you get something hilarious like a New Kids on the Block tour called "The Main Event" with TLC and Nelly playing as the openers, and a sweet, sweet tagline like, "Hit. After Hit. After Hit." Because shit, if you're the NKOTB and it's time for another cash grab, why take yourself seriously?

Best of all: "The Main Event" tour comes to Dallas in all its glory for a stop at American Airlines Center on Thursday, May 14, 2015.

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