Cirque Du Soleil's THE IMMORTAL Michael Jackson Tribute Lands in Dallas

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Cirque du Soleil
What, does this not look like a Michael Jackson show to you?
Starting Friday the Quebecois carnival group Cirque Du Soleil takes over the American Airlines Center with their tribute to the life and music of Michael Jackson with THE IMMORTAL tour.

The Texas leg of the tour is the last in the U.S. for the company, as they will cap off the 3 year long world tour in Mexico in August. Currently the tour is stopped up in Oklahoma City, where spokesperson Laura Silverman called us from to answer a few questions about the show.

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Index Festival Announces Second Round of Bands

Mark N. Kartarik
Dawes are among the bands that have been added to the Index Festival lineup this week

The folks at Index Festival continued their staggered announcement process yesterday for their 2014 lineup, announcing a slew of bands to add to the dozens that they already had revealed back in June. Granted, they were much more low-key this time around; there was no concert, no party, no Corby Davidson to announce the bands.

But that's a minor issue. With bands like Dawes, Mutemath and Dan Deacon getting added to the equation, there's plenty to be excited about by the new additions to the lineup.

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Bobby Patterson Makes His Comeback with I Got More Soul

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Jeremy Blickenstaff
Bobby Patterson is a Dallas soul music legend

When Bobby Patterson, a legend of Dallas soul music, decided to call his new album I Got More Soul, he wasn't kidding around. If you ask him, he really does have more soul. More of everything, in fact.

"More soul for your ear hole. More soul than more soul. More means more," Patterson says, unleashing a monologue that could be its own work of art. "I got more soul. I'm one of a kind to shock the mind. I put good music in your behind. What I'm trying to do, is set a pace in this rat race. That's why I'm on your case. All in your face. I'm on a mission to raise your condition, not to be the cook, but to own the kitchen."

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Beyoncé and Jay Z at AT&T Stadium, 7/22/14

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Parkwood Entertainment
Beyoncé led the way at AT&T Stadium with husband Jay Z last night
Beyoncé and Jay Z
AT&T Stadium, Arlington
Tuesday, July 22, 2014

For the first half of her and Jay Z's appearance at AT&T Stadium on Tuesday night, it looked like this show was all about Beyoncé. Every time she was onstage, Bey's presence trumped that of anyone else in sight -- including the Greatest himself. She danced, shook and sang like a woman on a mission, every movement authoritative, every moment used to assert her supremacy. Jay Z was left to feel like a glorified hype man.

But by the time the night had ended, the On the Run Tour had become something different altogether.

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Ex-Walkmen Peter Matthew Bauer: "I am Starting From Dead Scratch and it's Scary as Hell."

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courtesy of the artist
Peter Matthew Bauer

Very few bands had the indie clout of the Walkmen. For over a decade, the D.C. area natives made an indelible mark on alternative rock by churning out several classic albums. When the band decided to call it quits in 2013, it was a sad moment for fans and critics alike. Thankfully, both singer Hamilton Leithauser and keyboardist/bassist Peter Matthew Bauer have already released solo efforts, both of which are impressive.

Speaking before a gig in New York City and in anticipation of Thursday's performance at The Loft, Bauer talked with DC9 about the legacy of the Walkmen, how he's scared as hell to be starting a solo career and how liberating it was to make his debut album Liberation.

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Goodnight Ned Go All Out for Circus-Themed Album Release Party

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Will von Bolton
Goodnight Ned tries to determine how many band members it can fit on its clown couch
As far as album-release parties go, Goodnight Ned are about to put themselves in a class of their own. The Dallas band isn't pulling out any stops, with plans to have clowns, fortune tellers, stilt walkers, jugglers and even juggling stilt-walkers. There will be food trucks, a photo wagon, carnie games, prizes and temporary tattoos. They've even given the whole to-do its own special billing as the Unsound Circus. On this laundry list of activities, one stands out in particular: the dunk tank.

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The Phuss Stream Tracks from Upcoming Record, On the Prowl

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Courtesy of Phuss Facebook Page

There's a new album coming down the pipe from Fort Worth punk band the Phuss, who recently signed with Albany, New York record label Magnetic Eye Records. And while the record, which will be titled On the Prowl, won't get it's official release until September 16, the band has whetted our appetites for what's to come by streaming a couple new tracks on their Bandcamp page.

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JEFF the Brotherhood Works Hard, Parties Even Harder

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Courtesy the artist
Don't let JEFF the Brotherhood's innocent faces fool you. They'll rock hard or get drunk trying.
Jake Orrall sounds tired. Granted he has a right to be. Jake and Jamin Orrall, better known as fuzzy two-piece JEFF the Brotherhood, have put out seven albums over 13 years, with yet another new EP coming this September. Jake has even been producing a different band's album, which is what he was doing all night the evening before I called him the next morning.

As we hop on the phone to discuss the band's appearance at Club Dada for the latest installment of the Red Bull Sound Select series this Wednesday, Jake doesn't sound enthused to be interviewed this early, but you can't necessarily blame him. Doing an interview probably wouldn't be anyone's first choice the morning after pulling a long night of work.

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What It's Like To Attend an ACL Live Taping

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Gavin Cleaver
No photos from inside. Cameras were banned. These TVs are just outside the door.

If you are ever fortunate enough to win tickets allowing you to attend a taping of this venerable televisual institution, then you will have a Good Time. That is not in doubt. You probably won't ever win tickets, though, unless you're super awesome like me. You being this super awesome is strongly doubtful. Here then, is what being this super awesome is like.

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Beyoncé and Jay Z's Most World-Conquering Music Videos

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Screenshot from "Single Ladies"
"Single Ladies" is about as boss as it gets. Is it Bey's most world-beating video though?
Beyoncé and Jay Z will bring their unique blend of braggadacio and badassery to AT&T Stadium tonight, and we can only assume that they'll be taking over the entire metroplex. Easily the music industry's biggest power couple (if not just the biggest period), their long-awaited joint On The Run Tour is just the thing to solidify their world-beating status. Whether we believe Page Six and its breakup rumors or not, we're just excited to hear and see these two in one big stadium.

In honor of Bey and Jay's arrival, here are their top 10 that show us just who runs the world. (Hint: it involves at least one girl.) It's basically just them being all sorts of extraordinary.

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