War On Drugs' Adam Granduciel Overcame Crippling Anxiety on Lost in the Dream

Dusdin Condren
On a rare day off, War On Drugs' frontman Adam Granduciel speaks to me from his Philadelphia home. In the background, clinking kitchen noise can be heard as he prepares his morning coffee ("French Press," he specifies). The 35-year-old songwriter hardly needs the caffeine; he's excitedly loquacious as he speaks, a slight Northeastern inflection in his fired delivery.

The band's sensational third album, March's Lost in the Dream, has delivered a next-level breakthrough for the psych-rock collective, of which Kurt Vile was once a member. Their tour visits Dallas this weekend for a show at Granada Theater.

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The Best Places in Dallas to Go When You're Stoned

Categories: Best Of

Robert Hensley via Flickr
The State Fair is coming. Better get baked.

Texas may not be Colorado, but hell, that's never stopped us from being awesome. That's just kind of a rule of thumb for life in general, but it's particularly appropriate when it comes to, you know, marijuana. Getting high. Baked. Stoned. Keyed. Whatever the hell lingo you happen to prefer, point is, there are all sorts of ways to maximize a good high. It may mean sitting around in parents' basement, but it almost certainly means finding some munchies.

In the spirit of brotherhood that binds all noble tokers, we've gone to the trouble of picking out 10 of our favorite spots around Dallas to go while we're high.

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The Phuss Bounce Back from Recent Turmoil with On the Prowl

Categories: Feature Stories

Mike Brooks
Things can get a little fuzzy sometimes when you're the Phuss
Even if the Phuss "Don't Feel Good," they really ought to. You see, they've had to deal with some real emotional whiplash over the past few months. Early in the summer came the exciting news that they had signed to New York label Magnetic Eye Records, who would be releasing their third album, On the Prowl, in the fall. They also lined up an East Coast tour and landed a spot on this weekend's Index Festival in Deep Ellum. Things were looking up.

Then something terrible happened.

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Ronnie Fauss and Rhett Miller Debut Exclusive Track, "Eighteen Wheels"

Categories: Song Premiere

Jacob Blickenstaff
Ronnie Fauss' new track, "Eighteen Wheels," features the Old 97's Rhett Miller
It's now been a couple of years since Dallas-based folk-rocker Ronnie Fauss delivered his debut full-length record for New West imprint Normaltown Records, 2012's I Am the Man You Know I'm Not. That album won him national acclaim from notable outlets such as Vanity Fair and the New York Times, among many others. After a handful of years self-releasing excellent EPs at his own, quick pace, Fauss is now ready to offer his sophomore LP, Built to Break, which he mostly recorded in Nashville.

As a preview of the record, Fauss is releasing a new duet with the Old 97's Rhett Miller, called "Eighteen Wheels," and DC9 at Night has the exclusive premiere.

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Party Static is Dallas' Most Wildly Fun Band

Categories: Interviews

Juan Vargas
The members of Party Static, looking as normal as can be

Party Static light up a room. With their five members carousing on stage and their scuzzy, nonsensical music, they're a band who truly lives up to their name. There's the locked-in, simple rhythm section of Billy Kuykendall and Alex Mitchell. There's the fuzzy riffing of Brett Michael Strawn. And then, of course, there are the two ladies of the group, Laura Harrell and Kjersten Funk, who manage to overpower the boys with their exuberant dancing and wild, carefree shouting. Every time they play, they're clearly having the time of their lives. And so too do their fans.

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Granada Theater's First 10 Years: Our Favorite Memories

Categories: Local Music

Drew Gaines
Granada Theater's iconic marquee has lit up with concert dates for a decade now

This month, the Granada Theater is celebrating its 10th anniversary as a music venue. It was then that Michael Schoder bought the then-movie theater and transformed it into the concert venue we know and love today. To help mark the occasion, we decided to pull together our favorite memories from the Granada throughout that first decade. We even collected the memories of some of the Granada's own staff, past and present. They aren't all concert memories, per se, but they're just the sorts of things that make the place so special.

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Single Wide to Celebrate Birthday with Typically Trashy Flair

Categories: Interviews

Eric Grubbs
The Single Wide's narrow confines have taken on a vibrant new life these past three years
When iconic dive bar and live music venue Double Wide opened its doors at the convergence of Fair Park and Deep Ellum over a decade ago, the model trailer home, a paragon of irony, quickly became a favored hangout. Its success prompted owner Kim Finch's decision to expand the franchise, as she branched out to join Lower Greenville's interminable deluge of newcomers. As Double Wide prepares for its 11th anniversary party next week, its equally popular little sister, Single Wide, anticipates its third birthday this week with a three-day celebration that's been dubbed the 333 Party.

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Centro-matic to Call It Quits After December Tour

Categories: Local Music

Rachel Parker
Centro-Matic playing the Dallas Observer Music Awards showcase in 2011.
Yesterday afternoon social media started to fill with laments when word trickled out that one of North Texas' most lauded and best loved artists, Centro-matic, would be calling it quits after their upcoming December tour.

The group's fervent fan base is sure to make their 14 remaining dates as a band a hot ticket, and there's little doubt that their final two shows at Dan's Silverleaf in Denton on December 19 and 20 will sell out quickly. Rightfully so, as there are few bands who have meant as much to the area as Centro-matic.

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Goodbye CD Source: 1993 - 2014

Categories: Columns

Alexandra Olivia of Dallas Morning News
Lance Price is preparing to say goodbye to his beloved record store, CD Source

It was 10:20 on Friday night when I found out. I had just left the Meyerson when I looked at the clock: 10:00. "Just enough time." The new Aphex Twin album had just dropped and I realized that with the right amount of luck, will and vehicular skill I could just make it to CD Source before its 10:30 closing. This is a race I've run countless times over the last 15 years, always a last-minute dash to grab this or that before closing time. Only this time the finish line looked different.

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Oaktopia Was a Great Concept with a Messy Execution Over the Weekend

Categories: Last Night

Ed Steele
The crowds showed up for Oaktopia in Denton over the weekend
Oaktopia Festival
With Neon Indian, Immortal Technique and more
Friday, September 19 and Saturday, September 20, 2014

For a line-up that didn't really move the needle much, Oaktopia sure as hell brought out the kids. Which is a fantastic thing if you were a venue who could charge people who had bought a festival pass an extra $6 so they could get in to a see a show that never happened. On Friday night the announced DJ set by ex-local Neon Indian failed to occur due to the organizers of Oaktopia neglecting to provide the proper backline for the artist. How a festival fails to do this is a mystery that boggles the mind.

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