American Airlines Center is One of the World's Top-Selling Concerts Venues So Far in 2015

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Roderick Pullum
Trey Songz played AAC with Chris Brown earlier this year after initially having to reschedule

Trade publications tell us things that are generally only interesting to people within the trade. Finding out how much the person who is directing one of the next 74 Kevin Hart movies or how much the current hyped-up indie movie got picked up for a distribution deal in Variety doesn't serve much of a purpose to civilians. But it helps industry figures be in the know in regards to the economic pulse within the business.

Pollster is a trade site and publication that serves concert promoters, booking agents, managers and venues with information regarding ticket sales, average fees and the like. What interesting information we can glean from this is how well Dallas venues are doing in comparison to others around the country and around the world. The American Airlines Center, by the way, is doing pretty dam well.

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Doug Burr's New Record is His First in Five Years, and It's Worth the Wait

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Velvet Blue Music
Burr and his band, a knife, books and deep thoughts. Indeed.

Five years ago, Doug Burr was on a roll. The Denton-based singer-songwriter and former Lonelies frontman had cranked out four albums in seven years between 2003 and 2010, each seemingly better than the last. The last of those, O Ye Devastator, was devastatingly beautiful and easily one of North Texas' best that year.

That should've been more than enough to keep fans happy, but while Burr's reputation continued to grow in North Texas, greater acclaim leading to a larger commercial success wasn't something he enjoyed. So Burr went silent with making new music.

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Pop-Up Record Stores are the Latest Vinyl Boom to Hit Dallas

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Wanz Dover
Hunting for 25 cent bargain vinyl

Early on Saturday morning a group of crate diggers roll into a church parking lot on Columbia Ave. They pay a small cover charge to walk into a big room with boxes of 25 cent vinyl on the floor and a few private retailers with boxes of premium but reasonably priced records on either side of the space. Vinyl hunters on their knees feverishly dig through boxes of vinyl looking for that piece of vinyl treasure. This is not a formal record store. This is part of the growing number of pop-up vinyl shops that are becoming more and more commonplace.

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Country Music's Next Big Thing Plays Letterman Tonight and City Tavern on Thursday

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Becky Fluke
Chris Stapleton plays late-night TV tonight, then City Tavern on Thursday

To use an analogy, compare Chris Stapleton to Sturgill Simpson. Not necessarily in terms of sound or aesthetic, but in terms of what is about to happen to this relatively unknown country-folk artist. You may not have actually heard of Chris Stapleton, but you have undoubtedly heard a few of his songs. Maybe you listened to Adele's blockbuster 21 album, or any of the other No. 1 hits that Stapleton has written. Either way, this is one country artist who should absolutely be on your radar.

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The Best Cover Bands in Dallas

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A Hard Night's Day
What's a list of cover bands without the Fab Four -- er, Five?

If you google "cover bands" you'll see five different think pieces published in 2014, because well, people can't ignore how many of them there are. Bars across the nation are packed with groups of musicians not doing original music, but paying tribute to some of their favorite acts, and getting paid at the same time. Dallas is flooded with acts like this, and it can be difficult to separate the good from the meh. Good thing for you we're out and about every night, and have caught the best groups the area has to offer. With this list, the 10 best cover bands in Dallas, you can go and enjoy yourselves without having to say "I don't know any of their songs" ever again.

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From Pirate Radio in Florida to BOOM 94.5, DJ Menace Has Found a Home in Dallas

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Jeremy Hallock
DJ Menace

DJ Menace has a dream. That dream is to be a rapper, and he's traveled far and wide to make it happen. But sometimes your plan B becomes your plan A, and for Menace, a one-time Air Force brat who's always been a nomad, that's exactly what happened: After years spent rapping and gigging on pirate radio in Florida, he's living out a new dream -- DJing classic hip hop -- right here in Dallas. And it really is a dream come true: Menace's role as co-host of BOOM 94.5's Mark McCrazy Show is a perfect fit.

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Randy Rogers and Josh Abbott Put on One Rowdy Party at WinStar on Friday Night

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Courtesy the artist
Randy Rogers Band's show at WinStar got pretty crazy on Friday night

Randy Rogers Band
With Josh Abbott Band
WinStar World Casino
April 10, 2015

Upon approaching the WinStar World Casino's Rome entrance, home of the Global Events Center and a bunch of terribly-rendered copycat Italian sculptures, the first thing I saw was a woman with her head in her hands, crying. This probably isn't a particularly uncommon sight at a casino, but I wondered if it was an omen of what was about to come as I walked into the venue for the Texas Country super bill that was the evening's Randy Rogers Band and Josh Abbott Band concert.

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The Best Concerts in Dallas This Week, 4/13 - 4/19

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Brigitte Sire
A reunited Sleater-Kinney play a sold-out show at Granada Theater on Thursday

It's going to be a hell of a week for live music here in Dallas. Two of the biggest events aren't even straight-ahead concerts so much as they are sprawling celebrations: First is the American Country Music Awards, which spreads itself across several shows with an unreal selection of country music's biggest stars on Friday and Saturday. Then there's Record Store Day, which converges on the area's record shops all day Saturday with special performances from bands both local and national. But there's plenty more to see throughout the week as well. Check those shows out here.

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Punk Legends X Showcased Their Softer, Countrier Side Last Night at Trees

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Michael Hyatt
X, pictured in their early-'80s heyday, played a low-key set at Trees last night

Trees, Dallas
Thursday, April 9, 2015

Last night, iconic punk band X gave the crowd at Trees a set that served up a lot of surprises. Rather than bang out one hard-charger after another, the Los Angeles quartet (aided by touring member Michael Kilpatrick, who switched between guitar, drums and percussion) showcased more of their rockabilly and traditional country core than their punk side. From "In This House That I Call Home" to their version of Leadbelly's "Dancing With Tears in My Eyes" to "Poor Girl," the band significantly held back for the first half of their set. So much so that it felt more like a show you'd see at Adair's rather than Trees.

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Dallas' the Orange Returns With a New Album Six Years After They Broke Up

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Daniel Driensky
The Orange are making a comeback, and this weekend they play Curtain Club

Back in 2008, rock band the Orange had a whirlwind taste of local success, playing venues like the House of Blues, making it to radio on The Edge and sharing tour dates with the Toadies and Soul Asylum. Regrettably, the band broke up a year later, and that Orange became a bit of dust-collecting still life. That is, until lead singer Scott Tucker set out to resurrect it.

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