Jonathan Richman Staved Off the Wintertime Blues at Rubber Gloves Last Night

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Marcia Filipowicz
Jonathan Richman performing at Rubber Gloves.
Jonathan Richman Rubber Gloves, Denton Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Not liking Jonathan Richman is a bit like not liking Mr. Rogers. The Boston-bred singer radiates kindness and joy with a disarmingly naive charm. Once a forerunner of punk music with his band the Modern Lovers in the early 1970s, Richman's sweet, playful demeanor found its natural home in the more simplified environs of an acoustic singer-songwriter. Last night at Rubber Gloves, his warm stage presence proved the perfect antidote to the icy winter weather hitting North Texas.

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DC9 at Night Mixtape with Space Chase

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Chase Dugger is a young gun with eyes on the city

Chase Dugger a.k.a. Space Chase was a key figure in the short-lived but highly influential Denton Dance Collective. He curated the Subsonic Indulgence residence bringing a wide variety of the region's best DJ talent to Denton, a town not exactly known for welcoming dance music. Denton Dance Collective even had a hand in bringing through U.K. bass specialist V.I.V.E.K for an unlikely, but successful gig in the college town.

After spending time overseas for a spell Chase moved back to Dallas and got right back to the decks popping up on guest slots around town. Chase has accomplished a lot in his brief stint as a DJ and promoter. For this week's mixtape Q&A he shines a light on what inspires him to pursue his craft.

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The 10 Best Dive Bars in Dallas-Fort Worth

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Jay Barker
When you're really in the shitter, go find a dive bar like Double Wide

"Have you no pride?" If the answer to that question is a proud, confident, "Of course I don't," then this list is for you. Depending on where you come from -- say, any small town in America -- dive bars aren't necessarily unique so much as they are de rigueur. But when done right, a proper dive bar is highly evolved art form, a tacky, depressing mix of old, dusty lamp shades, dirty mirrors and wood paneling that make for an all-but-perfect watering hole.

Dallas, of course, is chock full of dives, so we can't help but pick out our favorites. Whether you're looking drink away your trouble (not that we'd recommend that) or simply looking for a night cap with characters, these 10 bars will always set you right.

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Pariah Arts Adds Music to The Cedars' Thriving Fine Arts Scene

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Vinh Ho
Coma in Algiers performing at Pariah last Friday.

The Cedars neighborhood is on the rise. With art galleries and studios like RE Gallery and the Homeland Security art collective, it's increasingly known for visual arts. Just south of downtown, The Cedars is a place where many local artists live and work. Take filmmaker Frank Darko and painter Joshua von Ammon, for example. They live and work at Pariah Arts, an art space in the neighborhood that's been building a buzz in recent weeks. And it could be a watershed space for the neighborhood: In an area with a thriving visual arts presence, Pariah is the first to offer up live music.

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Aaron Watson's "The Underdog" Proves Texas Country is Growing Up

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Courtesy the artist
Aaron Watson
To be completely honest, Aaron Watson has never been one of my favorite Texas country artists. He's recorded solid songs in his 15-year career ("Lonely Lubbock Nights" comes to mind) but has generally been surpassed by contemporaries like Pat Green and Charlie Robison in terms of commercial and critical success. On his latest release, though, it seems as if Aaron Watson has settled down into a mature rhythm that really suits him as an artist.

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Asleep at the Wheel Lacked Real Swing at the Kessler Theater on Friday

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Doug Davis
Ray Benson led Asleep at the Wheel through two shows at The Kessler on Friday

Asleep at the Wheel
Kessler Theater, Dallas
Friday, February 20, 2015

What to say about Asleep at the Wheel? The band is both a tribute and throwback to Texas Swing music, that glorious mash-up of country music and big-band jazz. And the band -- well, leader Ray Benson, anyway -- provides one of the few visible direct links to the cosmic cowboy scene of '70s Austin. The Wheel plays music that is timeless, infectious, and is meant for dancing. In short, the Wheel is near and dear to me.

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Jack Gulledge, Husband of Karaoke Carmen, is the Harmonica Man of Deep Ellum

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Jack Gulledge
Jack Gulledge is the man with the harmonicas in Deep Ellum

Most people don't know about the harmonica player. Long gone are the days when a first-rate blues harp player could be the star draw of a band. Today it's an increasingly rare art form, its practitioners content to take a side role in their band or may even be a guest musician sitting in. Stumble through the door of Adair's Saloon or The Free Man on any given night of the week, and chances are you'll find Jack Gulledge doing just that, a handful of harmonicas slung over his shoulder in a custom-made, brown leather strap.

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Taking Back Sunday at South Side Ballroom, 2/21/15

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Courtesy the artist
Taking Back Sunday showed their scruffy side at South Side Ballroom on Saturday
Taking Back Sunday
With Letlive and the Menzingers
South Side Ballroom, Dallas
Saturday, February 21, 2015

The scene at South Side Ballroom on Saturday night for the fourth stop of Taking Back Sunday's 2015 tour looked like a combined high school reunion for the classes of the 2000's. The room was chock full of beard balm-packing, flannel-clad hipsters, with a few studded belts and some silicone jewlery to remind us all that these were one-time scene kids.

But there was an even bigger transformation that had taken place in the band's lead singer. When the band hit stage, there was a moment when the crowd was unsure if the man in black, standing at the mic was Adam Lazzara or a very impressive Russell Brand impersonator.

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The Best Concerts In Dallas This Week, 2/23-3/1

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Image via the Artist
All about that zzzz

Have no fear, Dallas; as soon as this dreaded icepocalypse ends, we'll have plenty of concerts to revive our flagging social lives. In one of the most left field choices in recent memory, Meghan Trainor is taking all of her bass to the Granada Theater. Jonathan Richman keeps his recurring shows in Denton alive. Diana Ross, who gave us Tracee Ellis Ross as well as, you know, her music, plays the Verizon Theatre. Key! plays a nondescript Deep Ellum locale. There's plenty more too.

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A.Dd+'s Slim Gravy Grows Up and Steps Into the Unknown with Scatterbrained

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Jayson Vaughn
Slim Gravy

Slim Gravy is a man in transition. For years he's been known as one half of Dallas' most popular rap group, A.Dd+. Tall, lanky and not afraid to spit fire, Gravy has always brought a special attitude to his music, a swagger and determination that helps drive the group. But now he's venturing into his first-ever solo project outside of A.Dd+, called Scatterbrained, and it feels like much more than a mere side project. It's Gravy taking his future into his own hands, no matter what it takes.

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