Vice Palace's Art Peña Gets Grant from City of Dallas to Start Cassette Tape Label

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Travis LaMothe
Art Peña, bringing a cassette tape to you pretty soon.

It looks like the city of Dallas is putting its faith in the underground Dallas music scene. Arthur Peña, painter, teacher and champion of several local DIY projects, applied for a grant with the Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs to turn his Vice Palace brand, a roving music party, into something physical and tangible for the musicians who take part in it.

Such things haven't traditionally received that much support from the city, so it's no small surprise that the grant got approved. The idea, after all, is a little far-flung: Peña is to receive $5,000 from the city of Dallas to start a Vice Palace record label, and he'll be releasing music mostly on cassette tapes.

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97.1 The Eagle's Cindy Scull Hits the Top of the Dallas Morning Radio Show World

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Courtesy Cindy Scull
Cindy Scull gets the best seat in the house as The Eagle's morning show host

Cindy Scull always knew that she wanted to be a radio star. She'd learned the basics of tape, editing and audio production on her father's home studio when she was a child. Her father, who worked in the recording industry, would take her and her brother to his studio in Manhattan and roll tape on them making up stupid voices, impressions and fake commercials.

Becoming a radio disc jockey was in her blood.

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Deep Ellum Veteran Mongo Searches for a New Home After His Studios Were Evicted

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Jeremy Hallock
Mongo with self-portrait.

Michael "Mongo" Smith has seen Deep Ellum at best and at its worst. A veteran of the scene and a longtime friend of Dimebag Darrell and his brother Vinnie Paul, Mongo still frequents the clubs in the neighborhood. In fact, you've probably seen him at some point, attending a show in his wheelchair. But after spending three years renovating two rundown spaces into beautiful studios, Mongo and his tenants were abruptly asked to leave -- and now he's setting his sights elsewhere in town.

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Carter Albrecht's Guitar is Being Auctioned to Raise Money for the Open Carry Guitar Rally

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Courtesy of
Carter Albrecht's guitar is being auctioned off to raise money for the Open Carry Guitar Rally next month.

One of the great tragedies of the Dallas music scene from the past decade was the death of Carter Albrecht, one of the scene's most promising artists from the early 2000's. This month, however, there's a chance to make a positive contribution in Albrecht's name, thanks to the organizers of the second-annual Open Carry Guitar Rally. As Barry Kooda and his crew of mocking, musical protesters prepare to march on the Continental Bridge Park once more, they're auctioning off one of Albrecht's Fender Telecaster guitars. As of Monday, the highest bid is at $950 with just over 12 days left to go in the auction.

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I Am Not the Coachella Silent Disco's Target Audience

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Willie T.
Grab your headphones, it's time for a Coachella dance party!

By Paul T. Bradley

Just south of 1:30 a.m., as the car crowd heads back to their $500 motel rooms and the VIPs are airlifted to their alpha-resorts, the camping Coachella plebes are making the long, dusty march back to the tent city of earthly delights they've built to the east. I'm headed to the all-night epicenter, the Dome, for the all-night silent come-down party. Yeah, silent -- a headphone rave meant to skirt the grounds' 1:30 sound curfew.

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Denton Drummer Nick Bozas Found His Calling As a Glassblower

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Matt Wood
Nick Bozas, through the looking glass

Nick Bozas keeps himself plenty busy just playing his music. In his last semester of university study, he's staked his claim as drummer for three Denton bands: Losing, No Touching and Goodboy, playing shows and recording with each to varying degrees. But that, surprisingly enough, is not the only passion igniting his creative mind -- and maybe not even his main one. Seated in front of a bench burner inside his home, with steel-blue flames flickering at 2,600 °F, Bozas looks just as comfortable holding glass tubing as he does a pair of drumsticks. With his work so far, he's found glass blowing might just be his true passion; and more surprisingly still, he's only been at it for four months.

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Willie Nelson Has a Special New 4/20 Song, Because of Course He Does

Categories: Video

Team Coco
Willie, Trigger, a mic and a joint: The perfect picture of the Red Headed Stranger

From any other artist, we might think this is a belated April Fool's joke. An ode to marijuana called "It's All Going to Pot," released on 4/20 and hosted on Conan O'Brien's Team Coco website? Hoo boy. Bring on Triumph the Insult Dog. Except with this being Willie Nelson, you know full well that it's serious. And that, plus Merle Haggard, is why it's so great.

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The ACM Awards Were An Incredible Spectacle Sunday Night, But AT&T Stadium Wasn't Ready

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Mike Brooks
Even Dallas can get starstruck with an event like the ACM Awards in town (or, er, Arlington)

The Academy of Country Music Awards
AT&T Stadium, Arlington
Sunday, April 19, 2015

After an entire weekend of country music, last night's 50th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards is easily the biggest music event (or series of events, as it were) that has ever happened in Dallas-Fort Worth. Or maybe ever will happen. The crowd, which exceeded 70,000 people, set a Guinness World Record as the most attended awards show of all time. There was no more fitting home for the Academy's 50th anniversary, and they made damn sure that it was the biggest spectacle that AT&T Stadium could hold. Well, mostly.

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Record Store Day Was Bigger (and Rainier) Than Ever in Dallas on Saturday

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Mike Brooks
The Good Records chicken rocked out with RSD goers on a stormy Saturday

To hell with the weather. Rain wreaked a little late-night havoc on Record Store proceedings on Saturday (fortunately not as much as it did for the Superstar Duets over at Globe Life Park), but that wasn't enough to dampen the spirits of the Dallas' faithful vinyl-heads. Now in its eighth year, RSD has grown into one of the music industry's staple events and here in North Texas it was infused with plenty of new life, including the first-ever RSD parties for newcomers Josey Records and Spinster Records. We were on the scene throughout the metro area and here's what we found:

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Coachella Turned Me Into a Garbage Man

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Daniel Kohn
Coachella is always thinking of clever ways to make us pick up our damn trash. Their bright-colored, well-labeled trash and recycle bins are everywhere. And in the past, any do-gooder or broke festival goer could pick up a standard amount of 10 water bottles to trade for a new one to sip on. But this year, the eco-minded folks at Coachella figured out how to play on our sense of capitalism and test our physical endurance. And, in my case, it tested the desire to walk away with a $25 Coachella T-shirt without paying a dime. This year, a few days before I arrived in Indio, I noticed that there was this new challenge where if you recycled loose bottles and cans, you could take home prizes--including said T-shirt.

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