Sharon Van Etten at Kessler Theater, 10/17/14

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Doug Davis
Sharon Van Etten put on a warm and engaging performance at the Kessler last Friday
Sharon Van Etten
With Tiny Ruins
Kessler Theater, Dallas
Friday, October 17, 2014

There are shows that are a joy because they celebrate the music; the recent War on Drugs show is a great recent example. And there are shows that are a joy because of what you learn about the artist. Friday's performance by Sharon Van Etten and her band at the Kessler Theater was just such a show. Van Etten revealed herself to be a relaxed, engaging and upbeat personality.

All of which was an enormous relief to me. Her voice is exquisite. Her lyrics are moving. Yet so unrelentingly mournful are her songs that I can't listen to more than three of them in a row without having to tamp down the urge to call a suicide prevention line.

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The Best Concerts in Dallas This Week, 10/20-10/26

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Image via Polyvinyl Record Co.

Sorry that the beautiful, beautiful weekend left you. It's sad, but the weekend will be back in a few days, so chill. You've got some serious clinginess issues. To tide you over, we've got a few shows to keep you company: Ne-Yo is stopping by the House of Blues, Gardens & Villa headlines a show at Club Dada, and Of Montreal plays Trees. And of course, there's more. There's always more.

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Four Dallas Beats Producers You Need to Hear Now

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Karlo X. Ramos
Blue, the Misifit explores his most adventurous production with his beats project War Club

When it comes to genres that have been allowed to flourish in the age of the online music cloud, few have risen to greater prominence than future sounds, better known to most as beats culture. An all-encompassing, chimeric blend of electronic, hip-hop and soul, beats takes DJs and producers of more traditional disciplines and infuses their aesthetics with the lush, groovy and unconventional elements of such sub-genres as dub, trap, chill, juke, house, tribal, sampling, chopped and screwed and many other lesser-known strata of club music and beat building.

While the spiritual home of beats culture lies in streaming services like Soundcloud, its true epicenter comes from the L.A.-based collective Soulection. But because this all exists online, there's been no regional limitations to the proliferation of beats culture. Dallas is currently enjoying an especially notable wealth of beats talent. Here are four such local artists leading the way for beats culture in Dallas.

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Texas Equal Access and Vice Palace Hold Fundraiser for Texas Abortions This Saturday

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Courtesy Facebook
Little Beards
Over the past year, access to safe and legal abortion has taken some serious hits from the Texas Legislature. After the passage and implementation of HB2, one of the country's most restrictive abortion laws, the majority of the state's abortion facilities were forced to close. In the wake of these attacks on reproductive healthcare, thousands of women are left without the ability to find or pay for a procedure that they desperately need. That's where the Texas Equal Access Fund, together with Art Peña's Vice Palace and a host of Dallas musicians, comes in.

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The Ultimate List of Dallas Halloween Music Celebrations

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Ed Steele
Halloween is just around the corner. Have you planned out costume yet?
Halloween is great when you're a kid, but let's face it: It's at its best when you're an adult. Everybody relishes dressing up as a provocative cat or as a zombie. Also, we especially love getting trashed while playing dress up. In fact, Halloween is the best holiday. It easily trumps Thanksgiving because you don't have to spend time with weird family members who throw around pejoratives with the ease of a chef making an omelet. Christmas, no. Your mother doesn't question why you're single during Halloween.

Halloween is what's keeping you young. You are playing make believe a little bit (in a literal sense, rather than the usual, delusional sense). But, you're also doing grown-up things like drinking responsibly and catching shows. So where are the best places in Dallas to get your Halloween on? It's never too early to start planning ahead.

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The Best Concerts in Dallas This Weekend, 10/17-10/19

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Image via RCA Records
The weekend is here and as per usual there's a few suggestions for concerts around Dallas that we'd like to throw your way. No pressure. The choice is yours. But, just know that Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias are gonna hold it down at American Airlines Center, Sharon Van Etten hits the Kessler, pop sensation Charli XCX is performing at Trees, and Spinster Records opens its doors with two grand opening parties. Your picks, in full:

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"Have a Heart" is a Worthy Benefit for Local Music Fan John Bullard

Jeffrey Brown
John Bullard is the benficiary of a new fundraiser called Have a Heart

John Bullard is 25 years old and a big fan of Dallas music. You've probably seen him around at a number of shows at not even known it. That's because Bullard has an aggressive case of cerebral palsy and he has to get around in a wheelchair. The CP has effected a large part of his body and severely limited his mobility, meaning he needs assistance for everyday tasks such as eating. But Bullard is a very positive person; he even has a wonderful blog that he maintains.

Sadly, thanks to a variety of factors outside of his control, Bullard faces increasing challenges coping with his medical costs. To help, his friends have organized a fundraiser called Have a Heart that's set to take place at South Side Ballroom in November, and they've even gotten Brooklyn dream rockers Beach Fossils to headline.

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Erykah Badu Earns Less Than $4 Busking in New York City

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Erykah Badu posted a video of a recent "street hustle experiment" in New York City
Looks like you can't win 'em all, Erykah. Back in the summertime, local R&B star Erykah Badu went viral when crashed a local TV news telecast in New York City, playfully trying to steal a kiss from a reporter who had no one idea what kind of celebrity he was brushing off. This week, she's back at it, trolling doing an experiment with the kind folks of the Big Apple with a video she shot on her iPhone. The experiment: To see how much money she could make busking anonymously in Times Square.

The results? Well, let's just say that Badu probably won't be quitting her day job anytime soon.

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The Triple D Adds a Dallas Twist to the Gangster Movie with Help of Local Rappers

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Still from "The Triple D"
"The Triple D" draws on local rappers to help tell the story of life in Dallas

We've seen the story about young and poor people trying desperately, and often violently, to make something out of nothing. We saw it in New York with Paid In Full and Belly. We saw it in Atlanta with Snow On Tha Bluff. The task for first-time director Juan Salas and Dallas rap mainstay Mista E took upon themselves with their upcoming film, The Triple D, was to take the story to Dallas and, in the process, create a story about the rise of a street soldier in the Big D. The film, which premiers tonight at the Magnolia Theater in Uptown, is a familiar subject with an unfamiliar setting and narration.

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Denton's Felt & Fur are "Open to New Persuasions of Weirdness"

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Albert Rodriguez
Denton's Felt & Fur, by ascending height. Left to right, Alizsha Pennington, Randall Minick, Jarrod Estes, Brandon Dupre

Felt & Fur's practice space plays home to a myriad of peculiarities. It's in an upstairs nook at Denton's premiere combination business: Sprockets Bike Shop and NV Cupcakes. It's painted baby blue and has a strangely low ceiling. Oh, and it used to be the daycare for a church that existed in this very spot.

But for the four members of Felt & Fur, it seems like a natural home. Kicking back and enjoying a few post-practice drinks, the four of them radiate an air of satisfaction at their practice, with that feeling that they're on the verge of something great.

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