Panda X is the First Live Band for One of Dallas' Most Respected Producers

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Max Oepen
Max Oepen, Wanz Dover, Gerard Hanson

Gerard Hanson doesn't do interviews. Correction: Convextion doesn't do interviews. In a 20-year career as a producer and electronic musician here in Dallas, Convextion -- the name that Hanson performs under -- has preferred to remain anonymous. He rarely does press and prefers to remain faceless in pictures. He even once turned down an interview with London newspaper The Guardian.

But Panda X is different. The new electronic groove band, made up of Hanson and a few other local music veterans, is his first-ever band. He's performing with them under his own name, and he's even willing to talk about it. After all these years, Hanson's trying something completely different.

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Leon Bridges Got Introduced to America on The Late Late Show, and He Didn't Disappoint

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Screenshot from "The Late Late Show"
It's star time for Leon Bridges

It's been a heck of a week for Leon Bridges. (We're watching our language this time, in the spirit of Bridges' vintage sound.) Hot off a much buzzed-about run of shows at South By South West over the weekend, the Fort Worth R&B singer picked up the festival's prestigious Grulke Prize for the best "Developing U.S. Act." Then last night he followed it up with his network television debut, performing "Better Man" on CBS' The Late Late Show.

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Remembering The Bomb Factory's Original Run With the Dallas Observer Archives

Categories: Local Music

Mike Brooks
The Toadies played one of the final Bomb Factory shows in the '90s, and they'll play it again on Saturday

Tonight, The Bomb Factory sets off its revival after 20 years of stage silence. But before we rush full-speed-ahead into considering its promising future, we decided to turn back one more time to its history to divine what made the place so iconic in its heyday. With that in mind, we learned the true meaning of being ink-stained journalists and dug through hefty tomes of Dallas Observer archives to unearth relics from the venue's prime. Some of it sounded just as great as the rumors have you believe. Others, well, haven't aged so well.

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Selena to Be Celebrated This Weekend With Parties All Around Dallas

Categories: Texas History

Courtesy the artist
The Latino community in Dallas will celebrate Selena's life with parties this weekend

On March 31, 1995 Selena Quintanilla-PĂ©rez, known worldwide as just Selena, was murdered in a Corpus Christi parking lot by the head of her fan club. She was just 23 years old.

I was a living in Corpus at the time and going to elementary school. I remember the day clearly because they sent us home early from school, and there was no school the next day. The entire state of Texas basically shut down to mourn the loss of the young singer. Well, at least the predominantly Latino communities, anyway.

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The Bomb Factory's Return is About More Than Just Nostalgia

Categories: Local Music

Kathy Tran
The Bomb Factory has come a long way in the past couple months. It opens tomorrow night
This Thursday night, a long-dormant (and very large) room in Deep Ellum will open back up for business. The Bomb Factory, on Canton and Crowdus just a couple blocks from the heart of the neighborhood, hosts its first show since the '90s with locals Erykah Badu and Sarah Jaffe. Just two days after that, it hosts the Toadies.

With all the buzz, acclaim and anticipation over the last few months, Deep Ellum hasn't seen an opening like this since Trees reopened six years ago. It's a particularly fitting comparison since the people behind Trees' reopening, Clint and Whitney Barlow, are also behind The Bomb Factory's rebirth.

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DC9 at Night Mixtape with DJ Bryan C

Categories: Mixtape

Wanz Dover
Bryan C is a cratedigger in the truest sense of the word

Bryan Coonrod aka DJ Bryan C is a familiar face amongst vinyl crate diggers in Dallas. He is long in the tooth in DJ years, only a few years shy of the three decade mark. He has witnessed DJ culture in Dallas from the ground up. As a vinyl reseller he can be found selling records at various vinyl swaps around town and is a prime mover behind the Dallas Beat Swap. His depth of music knowledge is as deep and bottomless as a well. From country to house he has heard it all.

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Even the Flu Couldn't Keep Sylvan Esso Down Last Night at Granada Theater

Categories: Last Night

Maddox Price
Sylvan Esso didn't disappoint on their first-ever headlining Dallas appearance

Sylvan Esso
With Generationals
Granada Theater, Dallas
Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What a difference a year makes. In fact, in this case, not even a year. Last spring, Sylvan Esso made their first appearance in Dallas, opening for tUnE-yArDs at the Granada Theater. That night, many felt the duo stole the show from the headliner. On Tuesday night, only 10 months later, they were back for their own, sold-out performance that brought out the city's best-dressed Coven fan girls. Seriously. Wide-brimmed, floppy hats most definitely outnumbered male concertgoers, 2-1.

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The Open Carry Guitar Rally Returns with Its Unlikely Hero, Barry Kooda

Categories: Feature Stories

Amanda Braswell
"Follow me to common sense:" Barry Kooda takes up the Open Carry Guitar cause once more
Almost a year ago, a group of Dallas gun owners decided their favorite hardware needed a little sunlight and fresh air. So these mouth-breathing locals started taking semi-automatic weapons on play dates to chain restaurants like Chili's and Chipotle, causing a wave of confusion to pass over Awesome Blossom-stuffed faces and lots of coverage on network and cable news shows.

It was a movement just waiting to be skewered. And Barry Kooda was the man for the job.

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Once a Political Refugee and Illegal Alien, Kilo Art of Fact Found a Home in Dallas Hip Hop

Categories: Local Music
Ean K Pegram
Kilo Art of Fact

Dallas hip hop is a real melting pot, but Grey Matter's Kilo Art of Fact takes the idea to a whole other level. Born in Santiago, Chile in 1983, Kilo's family moved to Bergen, Norway when he was three years old to escape the Pinochet dictatorship. Being a political refugee is traumatizing enough, and something most of us in America have never had to experience. But when Kilo and his family came to Texas, things didn't get easier, as he dealt with life as an illegal alien. And that's when hip hop helped get him through.

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After SXSW is Over, Dallasites Throw a Kickass Party at a Mansion in Austin

Categories: Festivals

H. Drew Blackburn
James Hall, playing under the moonlight and the stars

Every year pure insanity comes to Austin, Texas and gives it a bear hug. You may be more familiar with this pure insanity in the form of a music, technology and film festival called South by Southwest. And each year we're always inundated with some very concerned gripes that the festival has gone -- gasp! -- corporate. We live in the United States of America; SXSW was always gonna go corporate and it was always gonna rely on cheap and free labor to get by. Oh, say, can you see.

However, there's at least one event in Austin every year that focuses on the music, the people and the nice weather. It's on the Sunday after most the SXSW crowds have cleared out, and it's a party thrown by The Kessler Theater. Oh, and it's in a mansion, too.

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