Danny Diamonds Mines the Positives in Bleak, Beautiful Songwriting

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Courtney Marie
Danny Diamonds in thoughtful repose (when not visiting a cabaret)
I'm standing in Danny Rush's house in Denton sipping a beer, occasionally taking a swig from a bottle of Old Granddad and admiring a collection of country music star paintings he commissioned from local artist Clay Stinnett. There are Freddy Fender, Hank Snow, Hank Williams and Gary Stewart, all done in an absurdest pulp style. I'm about to tell a story about Freddy Fender when Rush asks me, "What time do you think we should leave for the club?"

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Danny Rush Introduces His Danny Diamonds Persona to the Violitionist Sessions

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Still from "Hot Summer" on the Violitionist
Danny Rush a.k.a. Danny Folmer a.k.a. Danny Diamonds and his band playing for the Violitionist
You could probably refer to Danny Rush with just about whatever surname you want to at this point. That's pretty well what he's started doing. Many know him through his musical exploits in Denton as Danny Folmer, some as Danny Rush, and nowadays he calls himself Danny Diamonds. We just, of course. Through his work with bands like the Paper Chase and the Designated Drivers, Rush has established himself as a uniquely gifted, if sometimes enigmatic, songwriter over the years.

Naming aside, Rush has a new record out, the self-titled "debut" for Mr. Diamonds, and it's pretty great. (More on that record in this space tomorrow.) There's also a new Violitionist session out that features Rush and his band, in which he manages to kill two birds with one stone: He breaks down some of the naming confusion and tears through a handful of new songs. Check out the video after the break.

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The Best Bar Staffs in Dallas

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Dallas Observer
The Dram made our list of the best bar staffs in Dallas
When it comes to live music venues, Dallas has polychromatic shades of bar staffs, from its draft-pouring, quietly rustic bartenders to the sophisticated mixologists with novel ways of concocting a drink. When you frequent a venue often enough, it's nice to be remembered. This could very well mean you need to take 12 urgent steps out of the bar and onto sobriety, but either way, you're memorable.

This is a city that prides itself in its great service and southern hospitality, so narrowing down the best bar staff is not easy. Nobody wants to spend half of a show in line at a bar, especially when just trying to close out, so efficiency is key. The innate quality of friendliness, overall knowledge, at least partial patience, and the strength to be unbiased in the face of patrons' hotness or spending potential, have all been taken into account.

Excluding theaters and arenas -- because you just get your overpriced drink and rush back from intermission -- the best bar staff in live music venues in Dallas are:

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Lily Allen at House of Blues, 9/15/14

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Syre Berman
The Sheezus herself at a recent tour stop in Miami
Lily Allen
With MR Little Jeans
House of Blues, Dallas
Monday September 15, 2014

On her first visit to Dallas at the House of Blues, Lily Allen took the stage purple-haired and dressed like a shiny bit of Christmas tinsel. She was surrounded by a backdrop of large baby bottles that lit up, perhaps as an allusion to her recent motherhood, or her own perpetual state of infancy. With the title of her latest album, Allen has proclaimed herself a God, or technically just the female Kanye West, known as "Sheezus". She opened with the album's title track, which resorts to Eminem-style tactics of name-dropping (often unkindly) every major contemporary pop star.

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Chris McDonald is the Promotional Wizard Behind the Granada Theater

Categories: DC9 at Night

Courtesy Chris McDonald

"I always say, with any job you're in there's that one question that you have to answer," explains Chris McDonald, Marketing Manager for the Granada Theater, as he chips crumbs off of an oversized chocolate chip cookie at the front table of Society Bakery on Greenville Avenue.

"Like their main question is," he says, motioning to the gleaming pastry case at the back, "'Alright, so how are we gonna sell cookies today? How are we gonna sell cakes?' or whatever. And ours is, 'How are we gonna sell tickets to Panda Bear?'"

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Coheed and Cambria Hit Dallas Tonight to Play In Keeping Secrets in its Entirety

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Lindsey Byrnes

Coheed and Cambria are currently on tour promoting the reissue of their second album, In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3. They play tonight, September 15, at South Side Music Hall with Thank You Scientist. The New York-based four-piece is playing the record from start to finish, but doing much more than just that. They had done their first four albums live before in one place (released as Neverender CD/DVD), but this is the first time they've taken the whole playing-the-whole-record concept on tour.

Definitely for the hardcore fans of this prog-filtered-through-'90s-post-hardcore band, guitarist Travis Stever shared with us about playing a lot of old songs again, how fatherhood has affected the entire band and what's next.

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Black Lips at Granada Theater, 9/13/14

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Mick Rock
The Black Lips: a little older, a little wiser, still pretty rowdy

The Black Lips
With King Khan & BBQ and PVC Street Gang
Granada Theater, Dallas
Saturday, September 13, 2014

There's been a fair amount of talk about rock 'n' roll music in the past few months. Whether it's an unintelligible acceptance speech by Alex Turner or the death sentence handed to it by Gene Simmons, the genre has been dancing in limbo.

Enter Black Lips with their delightfully depraved stage rapport, bringing together newer whip-smart garage sensibilities and classic-rock song styles. In all their stage-vomiting, firework-shooting, beer-spitting, clothes-stripping antics, they break down social barriers to bind everyone in a unifying endeavor: getting loaded and having a good time.

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At Dia de Los Toadies, Hometown Pride Was the Main Attraction

Dia de Los Toadies Facebook Page/Michelle Pelissero
The Toadies on Saturday Night in Fort Worth.

Dia De Los Toadies Festival
With the Toadies, Old 97's, Ume, Quaker City Night Hawks, Pleasant Grove, Somebody's Darling, Residual Kid, The Longshots and Blank-Men
Panther Island Pavilion, Fort Worth
Saturday, September 13, 2014

With apologies to the out-of-town artists that performed during Saturday's Dia de Los Toadies concert at Panther Island Pavilion in Fort Worth, the event was indeed a parade of musical civic pride. And with further apologies to any attendees under 30 years of age, and there were a good bit of you there, you may have enjoyed the near flawless sets from such pedigreed acts as the Toadies, Old 97's and Pleasant Grove, but you likely did so without the nostalgic gut punch that most of us older folks experienced.

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Gorilla Vs. Bear Fest IV at Granada Theater, 9/12/14

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Photo courtesy Flickr user Zawezome

Gorilla Vs. Bear Fest IV
With Panda Bear, SOPHIE, Ejecta, Doss and Blues Control
Granada Theater, Dallas
Friday, September 12, 2014

The first song I recall falling in love with was "Kokomo," the '88 Beach Boys radio hit. I was four or five and in my mom's car on the way to kindergarten the first time I heard it. It was lovely and strange. I felt immediately different, like I was somewhere else or someone else -- a better but more abstract where and who. The sensation, as vivid as the first moment, remains with me. But I've still yet to unlock what it means to me exactly, though I know I enjoy it. It's either pathos or bliss, I'm not sure which. Like the way very hot water can feel icy cold to the first touch, it's a feeling so intense as to cause confusion.

From child to adult, from music fan to music writer, it's a feeling I've been chasing ever since. A yardstick to measure all other musical sensations against--that indefinable moment where all things felt possible within the space of a single pop song. For some reason, Panda Bear taps into that same feeling more than any other act I've found (save for the Beach Boys themselves, of course, alongside Brian and Dennis' solo material).

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The Best Concerts in Dallas This Week 9/15 - 9/18

Image via Artists' Facebook

The week ahead will have its mundane moments. That's just a part of life. However, as per usual, we here at DC9 have more than a few ways to spice it up for you with some live music suggestions. There's the biting satire of Lily Allen, Justin Nozuka's soulful folk, and some free tunes at Sammons Park supplied by the Boxcar Bandits. Without much further adieu, your picks:

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