DC9 at Night Mixtape with Seal Bass

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Wanz Dover
Seal Bass is a 20-year veteran on the turntables

Seal Bass is part of an extreme minority amongst Dallas DJs. He plays techno in its purest form. While he's not so well known in the regional DJ circuit, Seal Bass has over 20 years' experience behind the decks. He still plays vinyl and his breadth of knowledge of classic techno is deep and reflected within sets that often sound more like a Detroit techno vet than his Texas locale would suggest.

Seal Bass recently teamed up with local vet Rick Simpson aka R9 to start up a new Techno monthly at Record Lounge in Exposition Park. For this week's Mixtape Q&A Seal Bass digs deep into his long relationship with techno and how Analog came to be.

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Oil Boom Ride a Wave of Praise for Red Metal

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Jennifer Pinney
Don't let the facial hair fool you; Oil Boom is here to have a good time
It starts with a bang, or rather with a hell of an uppercut. Oil Boom's latest album, Red Metal, launches you into jangly jubilation with "45 Revolutions Per Minute," the band's highly praised single from last year. The New York Times singled it out as a highlight in the often-cluttered blues-rock genre that rules radio waves around the country right now. It's a good place to start, too: "45" immediately catches the listener's attention with its jagged guitar work, exploding cymbals and dancey pulse.

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Which New Dallas Old-School Hip-Hop Station Should You Listen To?

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Rhombi Survivor
What you know about the dirty South? Rappers like Outkast are no longer a novelty on Dallas radio
Since early Saturday morning, the people of Dallas are momentarily retiring their auxiliary cables and tuning into not one, but two new radio stations, both specializing in a virtually untested format. As we reported Monday, both Boom 94.5 FM and Hot 93.3 FM made an unprovoked about-face early Saturday morning: 94.5 scrapped the 12-year old K-Soul format and 93.3 began its uninterrupted Holiday programming -- both in favor of old school hip-hop.

With two coincidental competitors emerging just hours within each other, we've stumbled into a showdown. From the spectator's perspective, the two may well peacefully coexist, but where's the fun in that? Social media has been lit up for days debating which of the two newcomers is better, so we're here to weigh in the fighters and give you our assessment of who's the GOAT and who's the sucker MC.

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Off the Record Looks to Become a Dallas Music Cultural Hub with High Fidelity Series

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Jeff Gage
Josh Florence, co-owner of Off the Record and one of the masterminds of the High Fidelity series
A unique thing happened in Deep Ellum last night: People crowded into a bar, filling it wall-to-wall, and looking on in attentive silence at person in the front of the room. But that person wasn't playing music; they were giving a lecture. The person was Jeffrey Liles, the artistic director of the Kessler Theater, and the bar was Off the Record. Monday night was the scene of the first installment of the High Fidelity Lecture Series, a new concept that signals an exciting new direction for the still-young bar-slash-record store on Elm St.

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Daniel Huffman's Vinyl Records are One-of-a-Kind Works of Art [VIDEO]

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Juan Vargas
Daniel Huffman's vinyl records are beautifully made works of art
In March of 2011, the Flaming Lips released a limited edition collaborative 12" EP with Neon Indian that lit up the internet. It was a fascinating alliance, but the pictures of the actual vinyl records were just as exciting. No one had ever seen vinyl like this before. Every copy of the record had its own unique splatter of colors and there were no labels on the vinyl because they would have obscured some of the incredible artwork.

These records, designed as one-of-a-kind works of art that were only available at Good Records in Dallas and Guestroom in Oklahoma City, were soon going for obscene prices on the Internet. The man behind it all was Dallas native Daniel Huffman, known to many for his one-man-band New Fumes.

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Two Dallas Radio Stations Switched to Awesome Old-School Hip Stations Over the Weekend

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Screenshot from "Baby Got Back"
Sir Mix-a-Lot ushered in a new era at K-Soul 94.5 FM over the weekend
When frequenters of K-Soul 94.5 FM tuned to its position on the dial this weekend, it was to only quickly discover that without warning, their destination for "the best old school and R&B" had been replaced by something a little bolder and less conventional by radio standards. The silent makeover of K-Soul happened as the night turned to 12 a.m. Saturday morning, when Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back" ushered in the station's new era of classic hip-hop.

Overnight, the new Boom 94.5 FM landed on the airwaves of Dallas just as a similar format suddenly popped up on the Top 40 pop-centric Hot 93.3 FM. Is this suddenly a tidal change for North Texas radio?

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The Black Keys Settled Into Arena Rock Professionalism at AAC Last Night

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T. Scott Dearmore
The Black Keys brought a colorful stage presentation to the AAC.

The Black Keys
With Jake Bugg.
American Airlines Center, Dallas
Sunday, November 16, 2014

A quick glance over the past decade of rock music doesn't exactly produce an over-abundance of true, guitar-driven bands that have climbed up from the club circuit and into the realm of massive-scale arena rock. These days, 20,000-seat arenas such as the American Airlines Center are primarily home to the styling of A-list pop stars, aging classic rockers and crossover country hit makers.

But on Sunday night, with the home of the Mavericks and Stars held prisoner by history making amounts of driving snow and menacing ice (not really, but scattered flurries dispose many of us to hyperbole), the Black Keys delivered a tight set of legit, wall-to-wall arena rock.

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Sturgill Simpson Gave Country Fans Reason to Believe at Club Dada on Saturday

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Mike Brooks
Sturgill Simpson played two sold-out shows at Club Dada on Saturday night
Sturgill Simpson
With Cris Jacobs
Cub Dada, Dallas
Saturday, November 15, 2014

There are many of us who are deeply concerned about the future of country music. These are likely concerns that our parents had, and theirs before them. Every generation always thinks that the one after their own is going to fuck everything up, but when it comes to the current state of country music, this concern is scarily prescient. At this point it probably sounds pedantic, but there is nothing country about the music that Nashville is cranking out without thought today.

Nearly fifteen years after "Murder on Music Row," it's hard to argue that George Strait and Alan Jackson weren't entirely clairvoyant. They saw what money-grubbing record executives had in store for country music as it rapidly gained mainstream appeal, and what it meant not only for the Hag, the Possum, and Hank, but also for artists like Sturgill Simpson. And they were right: When's the last time you heard one of his tracks on country radio? My guess is never.

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The Best North Texas Experimental and Noise Acts

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Peter Salisbury
If you're looking for the best local noise music, Bludded Head has an offer you can't refuse
It's no secret that Dallas is an arts-minded city, one that is welcoming to experimentation and exploration in all its forms. This city's experimental music groups pull from a variety of wells for inspiration, from metal to electronic. When polled local music experts earlier this fall to help set our nominees for this year's Dallas Observer Music Awards, the artists they came up with for the Best Experimental/Noise Acts only reinforced that fact. Regardless of the source of their creativity, each of these bands have a penchant for pushing boundaries, drawing a linear thread through our city's vibrant experimental music scene.

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The Best Concerts in Dallas This Week, 11/17-11/23

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Courtesy the artist
Jeezy's grown out of his "Young" phase, but even grown-ups can wear backpacks

This week offers a rather good mix of concerts for your entertainment pleasure. Blonde Redhead plays Granada Theater, horror punk outfit the Misfits play Gas Monkey Live, metal Gods Slayer play in the suburbs at Verizon Theatre, Jeezy (formerly Young Jeezy, but not yet Old Jeezy) is set to explain how he's seen it all at South Side Ballroom and Hoodie Allen will do rap stuff that your parents approve of on the very same stage. So make haste and get thee out to some concerts before we're all snowed in for the winter.

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