Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians' Reunion is 8 Years in the Making

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Lon Casler Bixby
The New Bohemians in a previously unpublished photo from 1986

It's been nearly a decade since legendary Dallas band Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians played a show in their hometown. It's taken years for them to work out all the logistics for a proper reunion, which is finally poised to take place at this weekend's North Oak Cliff Music Festival in Lake Cliff Park. After all the effort to make things happen, the band won't be letting anything get in the way of their plans -- not even the unfortunate recent injuries of two of the band members, bassist Brad Houser and guitarist Kenny Withrow.

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Blue, the Misfit Gets "Wild" on Exclusive New Track with Sam Lao

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Mike Brooks
Don't call it a peace offering: Blue, the Misfit has a brand-new track, "Wild," with Sam Lao

It's good to be Blue these days. Blue, the Misfit, that is. Perhaps the hottest rapper in North Texas right now, the MC and producer otherwise known as Brandon Blue has been having a big year in 2014, starting with a buzzed-about Kendrick Lamar collaboration ("Drugs on the Schoolyard") and following it up with his first full-length record, Child in the Wild, which earned the Dallas Observer's Best Local Music Release honors in last month's Best Of Dallas issue.

In a gesture of appreciation to the fans and supporters who lauded Child in the Wild, which has also earned Blue five nominations in the upcoming Dallas Observer Music Awards he now gives us the Sam Lao-assisted "Wild," which drops exclusively here on DC9 at Night.

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The Best Drummers in North Texas

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Brent Elrod
Stefan González contributes to drumming talents to bands like Unconscious Collective and Orgullo Primitivo

With the 26th annual Dallas Observer Music Awards just around the corner -- in fact, voting is open right now at musicawardspoll.dallasobserver.com -- we're looking to spend the next several weeks taking the opportunity to highlight some of the nominees for this year's awards. And when we say that these artists are the "Best," don't just take our word for it: We polled 150 local music experts to pull together the nominees this year, so they come on pretty good authority.

The first DOMA class that we're highlighting includes some of the most respected talent in North Texas: the Best Drummer category. This year's list of nominees for Best Drummer could well teach a masterclass of the instrument. Whatever you're looking for in a drummer, be it the weight of a solid backbeat or a flurry of Animal-esque textural chops, you'll find it with this year's list. Every one of this year's nominees is a force within the local music scene and deserving of their esteemed status within it.

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The Relatives' Rev. Gean West Needs Help with His Medical Bills

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Courtesy the artist
Rev. Gean West (second from right) with the Relatives
Despite his advanced age at 78,Gean West continues to play shows with the same frenetic pace that made Peacock Records owner Don Robey compare a young West to James Brown.

That's not all he does, either. In addition to performing with the Relatives, West leads a congregation, performing duties as pastor at the God's Anointed Community Church of God In Christ in West Dallas. Sadly though, as it does to all men, age has caught up with West. In the last 10 years, he has struggled mightily with heart problems.

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This Will Destroy You Tighten Up and Sharpen Their Focus on Another Language

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Courtesy the artist
This Will Destroy You comes to the Kessler Theater tonight
On this Sunday afternoon, Alex Bhore is just packing and doing laundry in preparation for This Will Destroy You's upcoming East Coast tour. The band just returned from a European tour, where they played a show almost every single night for five weeks straight. Even though they've had a few weeks off before this show, that doesn't exactly mean there's downtime for Bhore.

When he's not working with This Will Destroy You, Bhore works on production for other bands in Texas. Over the phone, he fondly recalls working with Future Death, who's also opening for This Will Destroy You at The Kessler Theater for their show tonight, Tuesday, October 21. He also mentions working with Danny Diamonds, Blackstone Rangers and Nervous Curtains, plus a couple more that escape his memory at the moment.

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Denton's Corporate Park Proves Industrial Music Still Matters

Categories: Local Music

Photo courtesy Wes Darrin

Industrial music is relevant all over again. Amidst the music industry's infatuation with retro sounds, revivals and the general rehashing of old ideas, industrial is once again positioned as a music that matters -- an older strand that has taken on new meaning. As the continued effects of industrialization steadily turn our planet into an endothermic pressure-cooker, a music that speaks to the caustic ramifications of technological recklessness should stand center-stage in our cultural focus. It's the perfect climate for a band like Corporate Park

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Charli XCX at Trees, 10/18/14

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Mike Brooks
Charli XCX brought pop-star power to Trees on Saturday night

Charli XCX
Trees, Dallas
Saturday, October 18, 2014

Charli XCX's tour trucks are humming outside of Trees. The trucks are heavy duty and pack enough artillery for a pop star, or at least enough to adequately hold all of the junk LeBron James might need transported in a move from Miami to Cleveland. It's the first of many signs that Charli XCX wasn't supposed to be playing Trees in the fall of 2014.

From the moment she struts confidently across the stage with a bright hue of pink neon lights shining behind her, you get a sense that Dallas and all of the other cities on her current tour got pretty lucky to see this person perform at a moderately sized venue. She's a pop star, or at least on the cusp of being one, and she's more genuine and interesting and edgier than most. The first song she performs is the title track from her upcoming album, Sucker. The chorus: "Fuck you, sucker." Her gesture is, of course, the middle finger.

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Sharon Van Etten at Kessler Theater, 10/17/14

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Doug Davis
Sharon Van Etten put on a warm and engaging performance at the Kessler last Friday
Sharon Van Etten
With Tiny Ruins
Kessler Theater, Dallas
Friday, October 17, 2014

There are shows that are a joy because they celebrate the music; the recent War on Drugs show is a great recent example. And there are shows that are a joy because of what you learn about the artist. Friday's performance by Sharon Van Etten and her band at the Kessler Theater was just such a show. Van Etten revealed herself to be a relaxed, engaging and upbeat personality.

All of which was an enormous relief to me. Her voice is exquisite. Her lyrics are moving. Yet so unrelentingly mournful are her songs that I can't listen to more than three of them in a row without having to tamp down the urge to call a suicide prevention line.

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The Best Concerts in Dallas This Week, 10/20-10/26

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Image via Polyvinyl Record Co.

Sorry that the beautiful, beautiful weekend left you. It's sad, but the weekend will be back in a few days, so chill. You've got some serious clinginess issues. To tide you over, we've got a few shows to keep you company: Ne-Yo is stopping by the House of Blues, Gardens & Villa headlines a show at Club Dada, and Of Montreal plays Trees. And of course, there's more. There's always more.

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Four Dallas Beats Producers You Need to Hear Now

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Karlo X. Ramos
Blue, the Misifit explores his most adventurous production with his beats project War Club

When it comes to genres that have been allowed to flourish in the age of the online music cloud, few have risen to greater prominence than future sounds, better known to most as beats culture. An all-encompassing, chimeric blend of electronic, hip-hop and soul, beats takes DJs and producers of more traditional disciplines and infuses their aesthetics with the lush, groovy and unconventional elements of such sub-genres as dub, trap, chill, juke, house, tribal, sampling, chopped and screwed and many other lesser-known strata of club music and beat building.

While the spiritual home of beats culture lies in streaming services like Soundcloud, its true epicenter comes from the L.A.-based collective Soulection. But because this all exists online, there's been no regional limitations to the proliferation of beats culture. Dallas is currently enjoying an especially notable wealth of beats talent. Here are four such local artists leading the way for beats culture in Dallas.

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