The Suffers Brought a Touch of Houston Brotherhood to Club Dada Last Night

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Photos by Marco Torres
Kam Franklin of The Suffers at Club Dada.

The Suffers
Make Some Room EP Release with the Tontons and Fat Tony
Club Dada, Dallas
Sunday, January 25, 2015

"...Damn. Daaamn. DAMN. DAYUM!"

Those were the words Kam Franklin belted out last night at Club Dada as The Suffers cooly dropped their version of Outkast's "SpottieOttieDopaliscious" in a room full of Dallas music lovers eager to step out for a show on a Sunday evening. The feeling of joy we experienced once the horns blasted their fanfare was nothing less than magical.

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DC9 at Night is Looking for Writers

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Mike Brooks
Rock 'n' roll, you beautiful bastards. We'd jump for joy to have you writing for us at DC9
We're a few weeks into 2015 now and mostly settling into our post-New Years ruts. Er, grooves. We've either started following through on whatever resolutions we set for ourselves or already decided, "What the hell, I didn't want to have to exert myself anyways." Either way, good for us.

But here at DC9 at Night we're about ready to start shaking things up again. Which can only mean one thing: a fresh call for writers! That's right, if you've been deliberating over whether you want to try your hand at writing about the music you love, then the time is perfect. We're looking for folks just like you.

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The Revived 35 Denton Is Showing No Pulse

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Ed Steele
35 Denton had an advance party at Hailey's, but the lineup hasn't lived up to expectations
Comebacks are a bitch. More often than not, they're a plain bad idea. But when we kept hearing, throughout the summer and fall of last year, that the organizers of 35 Denton were planning to bring back the festival after its one-year hiatus in 2014, we couldn't help getting excited. We wanted that hiatus to be a blip in the radar. We wanted to see it succeed. We wanted it to come back.

But with two rounds of announcements having been made now for the 2015 lineup, including a second batch revealed last week, the odds of an actual "comeback" seem more remote. Yes, 35 Denton will return in 2015. But to what ends? For the sake of not letting it die?

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The Best Concerts In Dallas This Week, 1/26-2/1

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Image via the Artist
This is Son of Stan. Guess what his dad's name is?

The big event on the table this week is Super Bowl Sunday. The New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks will face off in Glendale, Arizona to determine who is the world champion of a sport played exclusively in the United States of America for the most part. So, there's that. But who the hell cares? The Cowboys won't be playing, so... We have a bunch of better ideas, namely concerts. RAGONK-A-THON with Son of Stan, Sealion, the Outfit, TX, Bummer Vacation, -topic, Bobby Sessions, the Azalea Project and more takes place at Trees. TV Girl plays Three Links. Rhett Miller, of the Old 97's does a set at The Kessler Theater. Vacationer hits Club Dada and there's more music to be listened to in a live setting other than those suggestions. Check them out:

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Gus Samuelson Plans to Get Spiritual with New Project Sinner Man

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Artist Facebook
"Big Gus" Samuelson and Sinner Man debuted last month at the Allgood Cafe

For years now, "Big Gus" Samuelson has been as busy a musician as can be found in North Texas. Whether he's playing with his longtime band Swampadelic or flying solo, Samuelson, who also works as a DJ on KHYI 95.3 FM (we even gave him an award for it!), currently has at least three residencies in progress: On Monday night, Swampadelic play at The Free Man in Deep Ellum, which is a fine fit for their Cajun-inflected country rock. On certain Wednesday nights, Hard Rock Cafe in downtown is where the group can be heard. Thursday nights are when Samuelson flies solo and gets to mix it up a bit at Espiritu, a cozy wine bar in Frisco, where he usually has a fellow songwriter join him for some singin' and sippin'.

But keeping busy with a busy band isn't enough for the native of Louisiana who once served as Merle Haggard's tour manager in the early 1980's.

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Billy Joel Didn't Even Play "Uptown Girl" Last Night in Dallas and Still Killed It

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Image via the Artist
The Piano Man.
Billy Joel
With Jamie Cullum
American Airlines Center, Dallas
Thursday, January 22, 2014

I'll tell you straight up: Billy Joel can do whatever the hell he wants. He's been a shape-shifting musician throughout his mainstream career. He's had about as many musical styles as any good chameleon should. His first album, Cold Springs Harbor , was released in 1971, and he's still here. So you know what? Billy Joel can do whatever he wants. But, getting in front of thousands of people for the kickoff of his 2015 tour last night right here in Dallas at American Airlines Center and not performing "Uptown Girl," his seminal hit from 1983, is kind of pushing it. I mean, it's such a great song it's sampled on a track Lil' Wayne and Drake are on.

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The Best Concerts In Dallas This Weekend, 1/23-1/25

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Image via the Artist
They won a grammy. A GRAMMY.

The working week is over. It's time to party and there's a bunch of options to do so this weekend. Grammy Award winning band, Snarky Puppy, is putting on a show of a side projects from the members of the band. Post-rock band This Will Destroy You will hit the Granada Theater with True Widow. Thundercat performs with -topic and Roger Sellers opening at Three Links. A hard rock mini fest Winter Jamboree takes over Trees. The Suffers get all retro at Club Dada. And there's plenty more. Check it out.

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McKinney's Shaka Plays Crazy, Vomit-Fueled Punky Reggae

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courtesy of Shaka's Facebook page
Shaka atop the roof of Wit's End in Dallas.

Legends come in many forms. For Shaka, it came as a three-round rifle burst of projectile vomit. It's the kind of spectacle that stuns bar patrons and catapults you from a random out-of-town band directly to cult status. That level of infamy that causes a venue to beg you to come back every time you're in town. It may not be a glorious path to success, but damn if they don't have a good time every second of the way.

But more on that later. Hailing from McKinney, Shaka is a three-piece "punky reggae" act that, as you might have already guessed, puts on monstrously outrageous shows. After five years since their last release, the band is putting out four new tracks tomorrow as a step toward a new full-length album. Though they're often careening through the live circuit, they're slated to have one of their best years ever as they press a true EP and head back on the road.

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8 Reasons Dallas Hip-Hop Is Better Than Houston's

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Mike Brooks
Peace, Houston. Blue, the Misfit and Dallas got your ass, son

Dallas and Houston have a bit of a rivalry going on. Montrose vs. Lower Greenville. Texans vs. Cowboys. Bla vs. Bla. Blah Blah. Who Cares vs. *Fart Noise*. Let's get to the real matters of substance, the pressing questions, the logical debates. Simply put: Which city has a better hip-hop scene?

If you're considering the whole span of history, you'd probably have to hand it to the swamp city covered in a layer of smog. But, in 2015, we'll give it to the (sort-of) home of the Dallas Cowboys. We've been slept on for far too long, and even Complex seems to agree, because they named us the most underrated scene not too long ago. So, without further ado, here are 8 reasons why Dallas' hip-hop scene is superior:

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-Topic is the Great Facilitator of Dallas Hip-Hop

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-topic on Facebook
-topic takes his music to the streets and straight to the people
A few blocks down from the intersection of Washington Street and San Jacinto Road, outside Bryan Street Apartments, Donny Domino loiters on his phone. He's speaking to Freddy Sans, the producer/engineer-directed singer, at the Dojo 45 recording studio. It is here that the Team From Nowhere sound is created and cultivated and tonight, where Echols will arrange her set list for Daps, Hugs and Mugs -- one of the first installments of Somethin' Proper, a series of grassroots entertainment events created and curated by TFN's de facto captain, rapper -topic.

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