Can Oaktopia Become a Destination Festival in Denton?

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Ed Steele
Oaktopia is set to grow exponentially this year compared to 2013 -- and could be even bigger in 2015
Last year, when Dentonites Matt Battaglia and Corey Claytor set out to bring local bands together for an Oak Street music fest, there was no one who could have predicted what the small, five-stage festival would grow into in just one year. This year's incarnation of their young festival -- known as Oaktopia and set to take place this Friday and Saturday, September 19 and 20 -- is so much broader and larger that it's almost unrecognizable.

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At Dia de Los Toadies, Hometown Pride Was the Main Attraction

Dia de Los Toadies Facebook Page/Michelle Pelissero
The Toadies on Saturday Night in Fort Worth.

Dia De Los Toadies Festival
With the Toadies, Old 97's, Ume, Quaker City Night Hawks, Pleasant Grove, Somebody's Darling, Residual Kid, The Longshots and Blank-Men
Panther Island Pavilion, Fort Worth
Saturday, September 13, 2014

With apologies to the out-of-town artists that performed during Saturday's Dia de Los Toadies concert at Panther Island Pavilion in Fort Worth, the event was indeed a parade of musical civic pride. And with further apologies to any attendees under 30 years of age, and there were a good bit of you there, you may have enjoyed the near flawless sets from such pedigreed acts as the Toadies, Old 97's and Pleasant Grove, but you likely did so without the nostalgic gut punch that most of us older folks experienced.

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Clearfork Music Festival was Plagued By Poor Attendance Saturday in Fort Worth

Kelly Dearmore
Clearfork Looks Lonely

Inside of the half-empty Clearfork Music Festival in Fort Worth this past Saturday, it was impossible to not wonder what exactly constitutes a true festival. Any view of the festival grounds at Panther Island Pavilion from one of the slightly elevated spots of the land provided a view of a vibrant festival skeleton complete with tents for local artisans and activists, food trucks, beer trailers and three performance stages. Indeed, Saturday at Clearfork looked very much like a proper festival, even if it failed to feel like one for the most part.

While few would (or should) ever complain about not approaching a line of any kind -- whether it was for restrooms, craft beer or food -- that stretched longer than six people, such unadulterated free-reign over the grounds seemed eerie.

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A New Way to Sneak Pot Into Music Festivals

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Megan Arseneaux
Arseneaux shows off how to smoke out of her handmade Secret Smoker Bracelet

By Amanda Lewis

One challenge of music festivals is figuring out how to sneak some pot inside, even while wearing as little clothing as possible. Is there really a good way to do it without sticking it up somewhere really uncomfortable?

Enter the Secret Smoker Bracelet, a colorful hemp-braided wrist accessory that unscrews to reveal a nickel bowl and wooden bead mouthpiece. It complements the Secret Smoker Headpiece, a headband that camouflages your intentions with three festival-friendly fabric flowers. The products are the brainchild of the sunny, pink-haired pothead Megan Arseneaux, who sells about 25 to 35 a week on her Etsy shop, she says, under the name Alice Moon.

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Fun Fun Fun Fest Add Modest Mouse and Murder City Devils to Lineup

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Mike Brooks
Isaac Brock and Modest Mouse played the Palladium in 2011
Last week was a bad week for anyone who loves Death Grips. The band's break-up announcement was at once a surprise and not a surprise, given the band's history of no-showing its own concerts. (Granted, fans of Death Grips probably also like getting stood up, so who knows, their demise could be just what everyone secretly wanted.)

But it created some real-world complications for people too: both Nine Inch Nails and Fun Fun Fun Fest were left hanging on Death Grips' scheduled upcoming visits to Texas, and neither were too happy about it.

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The 5 Most Enlightening Facts from the Texxas Jam 78 Documentary


For any music fan who has lived in or around Dallas for at least a few years, stories (and probably grand exaggerations) of times had at one of the Texxas Jam Music Festivals in the late 1970s or early 1980s are commonplace at this point. The Texxas World Music Festival, which was held annually in the Cotton Bowl from 1978 until 1987, showcased the best in hard rock at that time. The inaugural event featured names that remain large (Aerosmith, Ted Nugent), are now small (Head East), and were only promising youngsters at the time (Van Halen). After years of waiting, Texxas Jam 78, a documentary highlighting the event, is now available.

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Fun Fun Fun Fest Reveals Date and Stage Schedules

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Mike Brooks
This is not a stage. It is a van. Nice try though.
They've already let us "Guess the Fest." They've also given us the full lineup. Now the folks at Fun Fun Fun Fest have gone a step further and laid out the day-by-day schedule, which will be spread out over three days (and three stages) this fall from Friday, November 7 to Sunday, November 9. That means thrifty concertgoers who are looking to pick out the best individual days to attend can start planning their Austin trek in earnest. Oh and conveniently enough, single-day passes went on sale as well this morning.

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Reverend Horton Heat on Elm St. Music and Tattoo Festival: "I Want to Fly the Dallas Flag"

Photo courtesy Flickr user Marnie Joyce

Reverend Horton Heat is one of Dallas' gems. The stage name of artist Jim Heath (as well as the moniker of his backing band), Rev. Horton Heat is arguably the most recognizable psychobilly outfit of all time. Forgetting for the moment Heath's legendary pedigree and white-hot '90s heyday, he's more recently helped birth one of Dallas' newest music festivals, Elm Street Music & Tattoo Festival.

In collaboration with famed ink-master Oliver Peck, not to mention a legion of behind-the-scenes personnel, Heath is aiming to create a festival experience unlike any other. Now in its second year, the event has grown to five days, taking over the neighborhood for the better part of a week.

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The 10 Bands to Catch at Vans Warped Tour This Weekend

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Mike Brooks
There should be a lot of this happening at Warped Tour this weekend

Oh, it's that time of year again. It's the time for all those sweaty punk and metal (and whatever bizarre blend of either) bands to descend on Fair Park under the banner of the Vans Warped Tour. This go-around features a lot of variety and many new(er) bands that should offer the dehydrated masses some excellent music and mosh pits.

Whether Warped Tour is an occasion you look forward to every year or something you scorn, there are plenty of reasons to brave the sun at Gexa Enegy Pavilion this Sunday. Here's our list of the 10 bands we think you should search out as you traverse the wild and wonderful world of Vans Warped.

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Lights All Night Teases 2014 Festival Date, Ticket Sales

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Ed Steele
Lights All Night drew over 40,000 people to the Dallas Convention Center in 2013
If you've been eagerly awaiting news of Dallas' annual year-end EDM extravaganza, Lights All Night, then today should be a good day. Or at least a mostly good one.

The promotional folks over at Highland Concerts and MCP Presents gave us a little tease this morning of this year's festivities when they announced the official dates of the show -- December 26 and 27 -- as well as the presale dates for buying tickets.

The rest, however, remains tightly under wraps.

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