Rageville Music Festival raves (or rages?) through Dallas

Rageville Music Festival

Pulsing EDM and rattling hip-hop will officially be wed in trapped-out matrimony this Saturday, April 19, as Dallas welcomes the first ever Rageville Music Festival. The ADHD brainchild of Intelligent Grind Promotions, the one-night hodgepodge packs a broad lineup of masked rappers, live DJs, and trill robots. In other words, get ready for sky-high synths and heart-stopping beat drops because they're coming for Deep Ellum with no mercy.

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10 Bands Worth Seeing at Austin Psych Fest 2014


A riverside ranch, a three-day weekend amongst nature and a stream of psychedelic music may sound like a cult happening (and it kind of is) but more to the point it's the scene of Austin's Psych Fest, a musical celebration of all things mind-bending. In seven short years, Psych Fest has grown from small local concert to internationally attended blowout, big enough to lose yourself in, but small and weird enough to make you mourn SXSW's glory days. The bill for 2014 is stacked, plump with enough trip opportunities to last a lifetime, rich enough, even, to suggest that Psych Fest is Texas' new top-shelf festival.

It's time to start prepping. The May 2-4 event is just around the bend. While the list of acts is huge, ranging from underground electronics to art-pop and neo-psych, there are 10 that stand taller than the rest. These are your Psych Fest 2014 essentials:

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Coachella: Band and Drug Pairings Guide

Categories: Festivals

Timothy Norris

Ever since sunshine acid saturated Woodstock back in 1969, music festivals and recreational pharmaceuticals have gone together like wine and cheese. Which is why we'd like to recommend a few pairings for those so chemically inclined, a fine list of musical acts coupled with good stuff sure to provide complementary and contrasting flavors for your mind's palette at this year's festival.

Now of course, all of this is at your own risk, we don't endorse any of it, and the author is speaking strictly from a SWIM's (someone who isn't me) sense of experience here cobbled together from the stories of others. That said, the time to act is now.

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Ultra Ravers Answer: What's in Your Fanny Pack?

Categories: Festivals

Marta Xochilt Perez

Once ridiculed as the hilariously embarrassing accessory of choice for fat American tourists, the fanny pack is now a practical piece of party gear for hot, young EDM fanatics.

At music fests such as Miami's Ultra, it has become a ubiquitous carry-all for scantily clad ravers with no pockets. Easy, versatile, convenient -- as pouch enthusiast Andrina (pictured above) ecstatically exclaims: "What isn't in my fanny pack!"

Now, there are those alarmists who insist that every fanny pack must be stuffed with nefarious paraphernalia. But speaking to the owners of these belly bags at Ultra 2014, we simply discovered stuff like pacifiers, Vicks, "glow-in-the-dark shit" ...

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Ultra Ravers' Ten Tips for Finding Love at an EDM Fest

Categories: Festivals

Marta Xochilt Perez

10. Believe and Be Found by Love

Despite EDM fests being a sweaty mob scenes, our new pal Stacey believes wholeheartedly in the chance to find love amid the uhntz-uhntz-ing masses.

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8 SXSW Things That Remind You This Place Is Weird

Categories: Festivals

Marco Torres
SXSW's Fader Fort

DC9 at Night spent four days in Austin at SXSW, along with another three hundred thousand or so people. It was never going to be a normal experience akin to spending the night out in Deep Ellum, but there were constant reminders that this is a very special event taking place in a city that prides itself on being weird. The whole effect was therefore kind of amplified weirdness. We found our twitter feeds descending into reports of totally incongruous things that were happening right by us right now. Here are some of the best/worst.

1. Walking into what was, I think, a falafel shop (how very Austin) I was confronted by a six-year old posing for a photo with two Iron Mans. Iron Men? There's only meant to be one, right? Either way, these costumes were serious business. It was probably actual Iron Man and his stunt double, who had a slightly less fanciful costume, in that it was blue.

2. People walking through the throngs holding banners with declarations of some sort, despite the fact that they were just hitting a lot of people in the face with the banners. The best of all banner declarations was Yung Nation's "I AM A FUCKING GENIUS," complete with a demand to follow him on Twitter. And they say satire isn't possible any more.

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Suspected Drunk Driver Plows Through Street at SXSW, Killing Two and Injuring 23

Categories: Festivals

A shot of the line for the Mohawk earlier in the day on Wednesday.
Updated at 7 a.m. Vanessa Quilantan contributed reporting.

Two people were killed and 23 injured early this morning when a suspected drunk driver, speeding away from police after an attempted DWI stop, plowed through an Austin street crowded with SXSW partygoers.

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10 SXSW Pro-Tips for the First Timer

Categories: Festivals

Marco Torres
South By Southwest. Oh, the places you'll puke.

SXSW is hardly a festival. It is a free for all. SXSW is the complete opposite of a relaxing Spring Break. By the end of it, you will feel run down, wrung out, and ready to sleep for 24 straight hours. You have to make the after hours show, cause they're the best ones. You have to stay sharp and figure out creative ways to sneak and scam your way into the shows you know you're not cool enough to get into. You've got to survive on Death Metal Pizza and Best Wurst alone. You've got to survive the hunger games of the Lady Gaga Doritos® #BoldStageBloodBath. You've got to do it all on your feet, all day and night, with no sleep- then you have to be at work Monday morning.

But the upside is that you're going to have a blast, you're going to see amazing music, and with these ten handy pro-tips- you too can escape the Cool Ranch® terror dome relatively unscathed and with minimal headache.

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The Best Band & Beer Pairings For Untapped Fort Worth

Categories: Festivals

Give the Joy Formidable beer, or they get angry.

The North Texas region has become a national hotbed of craft breweries and general good times that circle around sudsy concoctions. Aside from the growing numbers of top-notch brewers and hops-focused gastropubs of the Dallas area, the burst of can't-miss beer festivals has been as enjoyable a benefit of the beer boom as anything else around these parts over the past two or three years.

Of the several festivals dotting the ale-stained DFW map, there isn't one that blends a music bill with a carefully curated brewers roster better than Spune Productions' Untapped Festival. For the festival's second Fort Worth installment (Dallas, Houston and Atlanta have all hosted Untapped Festivals), taking place this Saturday at Panther Island Pavilion, along the banks of the Trinity River, the Joy Formidable, Allen Stone, People Under the Stairs and Quaker City Night Hawks, among some others, will jam while thousands guzzle -- we mean sample -- from a selection of a couple hundred craft brews from more than 60 breweries, including the best of the local brands.

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Cheap Trick, Kool and the Gang, and Joan Jett Will Headline Wildflower Fest 2014

Categories: Festivals

From Wildflower 2012. Photo by Drew Gaines.
Richardson's Wildflower Festival has just announced its 2014 lineup. As in years past, it's heavy on bands whose recorded output peaked before 2000, but in this case it doesn't feel like nostalgia. Not when the names are as big and influential as this year's headliners, which include Cheap Trick, Kool and the Gang, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts and plenty more. The full list announced today is below.

This year's Wildflower fest will be from May 16 to 18 in Galatyn Park. Three-day passes are $30 and go on sale Monday, April 14. You can also buy single-day tickets for $20; kids under 12 are $3 and under 4 are free.

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