Mike Scaccia of Rigor Mortis Died With His Boots On: Echoes and Reverberations

Omar Mena

Safe to say that I was doing bong hits on the couch one afternoon back in 1987 when Michael Alago, the A&R rep from Elektra Records who discovered and signed Metallica, called me up out of the blue and asked what was happening with the music scene here in Dallas. Alago was based in New York City, and he had heard a lil' something through the grapevine about the tiny yet potent music community that was emerging in Deep Ellum.

Heavy metal was obviously Alago's area of expertise, so I suggested that he should come down here and check out Rigor Mortis - the one speed metal band in town that had managed to find a sympathetic audience in a neighborhood that was - at the time, anyway- being driven predominately by independent alternative rock music.

By Jeff Liles

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