Cory Patrick Coleman Made Mundane Jobs and His Own Mistakes into One of the Area's Best Folk Albums

Cory Patrick Coleman

"Once, when I was a teen, I had a mom who had a mom who had a mom..."

Cory Patrick Coleman has a part time gig that he landed a few months ago working for J.C. Penney retouching photos, a job that he shares with King Bucks musician Joe Butcher. Before that, he had a string of jobs, including working for Dillard's for the last four years.

"I probably would have still been there," Coleman said about his last job at Dillards. "You get to that point where you're just kinda, you're wanting to be done with it, but you never do it. I mean, you have to do this to pay for your shit. But you hate it a lot, you know?"

"And she lost her mind in the Spring from the cancer cells that left her frail, a windless sail..."

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Singer Clint Niosi is Grateful for his Boring Job

Fort Worth singer-songwriter Clint Niosi, 33, works in the basement of a community college library doing on-site tech support and on-call tutoring. This does not sound fascinating, and I quickly see upon taking his invitation to meet him at his job that it really isn't.

For about a half hour I watch him sit at a desk, and that's really all that happens. Some of his coworkers come up to his chair to talk to him, but no students require his assistance during that time. He says that there are really only two times a year that are crazy busy for him, and aside from that, it seems that what I witness of his day job is about as enthralling as it gets.

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