Rageville Music Festival Raves (or Rages?) through Dallas

Rageville Music Festival

Pulsing EDM and rattling hip-hop will officially be wed in trapped-out matrimony this Saturday, April 19, as Dallas welcomes the first ever Rageville Music Festival. The ADHD brainchild of Intelligent Grind Promotions, the one-night hodgepodge packs a broad lineup of masked rappers, live DJs and trill robots. In other words, get ready for sky-high synths and heart-stopping beat drops because they're coming for Deep Ellum with no mercy.

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Old 97's Ticket Giveaway: Tell Us Your Story

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Old 97's Facebook
After all these years, there's still something special about seeing the Old 97's back where they started -- right here in their native Dallas. Perhaps it's Rhett Miller and the boys' longevity; perhaps it's whatever that certain something special is that leaves us longing for the "next" Old 97's. Either way, it's more than just nostalgia. (Their upcoming album, Most Messed Up, is proof of that.)

Then again, nostalgia never hurts. As we prep for the band's return to town this Saturday at the AT&T Performing Arts Center, DC9 at Night has an offer to help make this visit an especially memorable one: a pair of free tickets to the show. Below the break, find out how you could be the lucky winner.

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Final Four: The Killers Were Hot, But the Weather Was Cold

Mike Brooks

Maybe I hang out with extreme cynics or maybe my friends don't appreciate free, outdoor concerts like I do, or heck, I probably just don't have enough friends, but convincing someone to tag along with me to the Final Four series of concerts at Reunion Plaza proved tricky.

Everyone told me it would be a hot, sweaty mess, the weather would be too miserable, or you know, children.

All of that was so untrue.

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Ride For Dime Holds Battle of the Bands

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Courtesy of Ride for Dime
This year marks the 10th anniversary of Ride for Dime, a charity event that raises funds for Little Kids Rock Foundation and pays homage to "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott.

Every year co-founder Rob Elchelberger gathers bands from all across the country to play two nights of mind-blowing metal in honor of the local metal scene's fallen brother. And every year more and more bands want to play the two-day tribute show.

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ScHoolboy Q Reminds Dallas Why He's Hip-Hop's Oxymoron

Oxymoron (Deluxe) Album Cover- TDE Red Room

ScHoolboy Q is one of those rappers that you never truly know what to expect. With his recent major label debut, Oxymoron, Q treads the line between being dubbed a "conscious rapper" and a full-on trap gangsta rapper by way of drug references and a 2 Chainz feature. So, it makes perfect sense that the Dallas stop of his Oxymoron Tour, alongside supporting acts Isaiah Rashad & Vince Staples, would be true to its namesake, with a sold-out South Side Ballroom experience that was a hyperbola of low energy haze, hip-hop hippies, unapologetic spirituality, and high energy trap house.

"YAWK YAWK YAWK YAWK!" the crowd screams as a DJ blasts a mix of Kendrick Lamar's "M.A.A.D. City". The post-spring break concertgoers, decked out with floral bucket hats, and North Face fleeces, begin to get anxious as their voices cut through the haze of greenery to start a slow chant of, "QUINCY QUINCY QUINCY!"

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Macaulay Culkin Didn't Want a Review of His Band, So Here's Ours

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Last night I reluctantly headed to Deep Ellum's Club Dada to see Macaulay Culkin's pizza-themed Velvet Underground cover band perform.

Now, if you're anything like me, then that sentence takes some serious digesting before it can be completely understood. Former child star Macaulay Culkin is in a Velvet Underground cover band, but they change all the lyrics to make the songs pizza-themed.

Got it? OK, let's move on.

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Band that Sings Cowboys Touchdown Song to Stop in Dallas

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Can you hear that? It might be somewhat foreign by now, but it's the sound of the Dallas Cowboys scoring a touchdown. You know, thousands of fans cheering in Cowboys AT&T Stadium and that one song blares through the speakers.
Well that song is California-based band The Burning of Rome's "Cowboys and Cut Cigars."

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Southfork Ranch Is Perfect For a Revolution

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via dallastnt.com

Even with the cold wind, Texas country music fans still headed out to enjoy the 18th annual Texas Music Revolution.

This festival, featuring more than a dozen acts on the bill, was to take place at the famous Southfork Ranch in Parker.

My friend and I picked up our tickets at will call. We then had to hand over our IDs to be scanned. A receipt was printed, I signed it, and then walked 5 feet to another table where I had to give them the receipt for a wristband. I guess I just don't understand why all the middle steps weren't skipped, but you know, whatever. I did as I was told.

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I Accidentally Volunteered To Teach Kids Hip-Hop Dancing

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Alex Scott
More like what Paige was expecting.

It might have been the Christmas spirit or a feeling of a quarter-life crisis creeping up on me, but whatever the reason, I decided to volunteer. I ended up teaching some local kids everything about hip-hop dancing.

Before you glance up at my name or Facebook stalk me, I am in fact a white girl. I always have been. I was on drill team in high school where we mainly high kicked and occasionally got crunk to some Chris Brown. (We weren't actually getting crazy drunk, instead just pretending -- like white girls do.)

I signed up to teach this class under the impression I would teach them jazz squares and leaps and pirouettes.

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Brad Paisley's Twitter Follows Me, So His Fans are Pissed

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Rachel Parker
Brad Paisley, thinking about how he'll congratulate Paige next.

It all started with one tweet.

As I was performing my usual pre-concert routine of listening to the artist's entire collection, I decided to tweet Brad Paisley my love and affection.

And then something truly remarkable happened. He followed me.

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