Charlsie Grace, Booking Agent with Huntington's Disease, Hosts Benefit at Dada

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Charlsie Grace

By H. Drew Blackburn

The doctor prescribed that Charlsie Grace come back for a diagnosis when she's in her 30's; it's not common for a 27 year old to have this illness. The physical symptoms -- a loss of coordination, feeling as though your neck is a straw and your head a bowling ball -- were there. Eventually, a stew of intuition, curiosity and medical precociousness got the best of her and Grace sought another opinion. In January she got tested and by February she knew.

The good news: Grace is no hypochondriac. The bad news: She has Huntington's disease.

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Austin's Mike and the Moonpies Lost $25,000 Worth of Gear After Dallas Gig

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Courtesy the artist
In the early hours of the morning last Sunday, Austin-based singer Mike Harmeier and his band, Mike and the Moonpies, woke up to their worst nightmare. The previous night, they'd played a gig opening for Nashville band the Kernals at the Rustic here in Dallas. But sometime during the night, while they slept at a nearby La Quinta, they'd been robbed. The van and trailer they'd been traveling in was gone, along with all their gear. The losses were devastating, totaling nearly $25,000.

"We thought for sure it had been towed," Harmeier recalls over the phone from Austin. "We called every tow rig in town and couldn't find it, so finally after about 30 minutes we had to call and report it stolen." And that was when the reality of the situation began to sink in: "Everything we own was in there," he says.

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